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  • when editing a conversation (e.g. to correct a typo in the title) is it necessary that entering a reason for the edit be a required field? Every time I just type"." (sorry) but couldn't it be made non-compulsory?

  • Yeah, it's annoying isn't it.

    I should fix that.

  • No idea if it's been suggested before so apologies if it has, but would it be possible to have a "replies"tab in the following page? Like direct responses to any of my posts. Separate to the new replies in all the threads I follow?

    I've found I miss if someone has replied to me if the reply has been bumped down the list by other replies in other threads. Or it can be annoying if someone replies with an image so the whole list looks a bit messy.

  • Support for HEIC image format please, now that it's default on newer version of iOs

  • What does that mean?

    Is this Apple producing a new image format?
    Do all other browsers natively support displaying it already?

    Well... that ended quickly:

    Not supported by any browser. So if you uploaded an image that is a .heic extension, not a single browser... not even Safari... could display the image.

  • It is and yes, you are right, madness.

    For others there's an easy bulk convert option https://heictojpg.com/

  • It's been a thing on iPhones for ages. Pretty annoying on the classifieds when people upload heic pictures

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Microcosm Feature Suggestions

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