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  • rep ....

    It's one of those really inconsistent things from forum to forum. And Microcosm needs to get it right, in a consistent way. We can't do that until we work out what the underlying essence of rep/karma is. We don't yet know that.

    I was wondering if we knew what the underlying essence of rep/karma is yet. Rep was fun! bring it back! :)

  • Not that you don't have enough to do, but on mobile it would be useful to have an indicator of a new PM on the home page, similar to what you see on the desktop.

  • @Velocio 10,000,000 views + has messed up the layout a bit

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  • Yeah, but I'm on holiday so meh.

    I spent what time I had fixing file uploads before I left.

  • yeah it's hardly a priority!

  • @velocio

    could lfgss have a link in the header to tactical 2017 for the next few days?

  • Putting this here to remind myself to PR ot in myself.

    Clicking 'in reply to' should be an anchor link if the replys on the current page

  • When posting in classifieds, automatically prefix the thread titles with For Sale: or Wanted: depending on which sub-forum they're in. Makes classifieds threads easier to distinguish in lists and might also stop peeps accidentally posting Wanted ads in For Sale areas.

  • @Velocio Not sure if this has been raised before, but would it be possible to have a "willing to ship" tick box on the sales forum? It would make it a lot easier to determine who we can do business with. Maybe the post could show up with an envelope icon or something.

  • It might be nice to hover over the yellow 'New' icon on followed threads and have it show you how many new posts there are.

  • @Velocio Have you ever considered keyboard shortcuts?

  • I didn't specifically add any, but did spend a load of time optimising the tab order to make it possible to intuitively and quickly use the keyboard for everything.

    Are there specific keyboard shortcuts or keyboard helpers you are looking for?

  • dark mode!

  • dmid

    I don't know what this is

  • In my ideal world I'd be able to drive everything from the keyboard without reaching for the mouse. It's how I use things like Gmail or to a lesser extent Twitter.


    g h: lfgss.com
    g f: lfgss.com/updates/
    g t: lfgss.com/today/
    j / k: move up and down the folders/conversations/posts shown on the current screen
    o: open folder/conversation
    p / n: previous / next page
    r: reply
    space: open the oldest conversation I'm following and take me to the next unread post. If I'm already on a page which has more pages then take me to that page first, otherwise next conversation

    I'm not sure how this kind of thing gets implemented (JavaScript?) and if there are libraries or it is a massive piece of work. Or if I'm the only one what would ever use them...

  • dark mode is dead.

  • Those are all derivatives of VIM keyboard commands... can do :D

    And yes, driven in JavaScript to intercept key strokes and then trigger the associated hyperlink or JS action.

  • Awesome! Happy to test if needed.

  • The add on darkreader.org makes the forum dark mode, works pretty well.

  • add on

    Might that be an add-on to Firefox?

  • Can we check it doesn't trip anything in Firefox and or no script please

  • My usual dev timeframe is measured in years... but as I use both NoScript and Firefox you can be assured it won't break the normal experience

  • My usual dev timeframe is measured in years...

    Too busy communicating with users!

  • Too busy at work to then open a laptop and do something that feels like work.

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Microcosm Feature Suggestions

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