Unknown Bike Co. Track Level 2

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  • really love this build! even though i'm not a fan of alu frames, and i love those stickers on the headtube!

  • roboto, now that you've had the bike for a few months have you had any problems with the spacers with your omniums, i have a rear paul hub atm and really like it but can't for the life of me work out a bb and crank combo that'll give a 44mm chainline other than spacing these.

    also can you remember where you price matched from on jenson?

  • Hi.

    I spaced out the zen chainring with 1.2mm spacers between the ring and crank spider using these. This works too because the stock Omnium ring is quite thick and uses longer road double ring bolts. Placing the spacers under the Zen has resulted in a nice smooth transition between spider and ring. :)

    It's given an estimated 43mm chainline at the front, but really I don't think the whole chainline thing is a huge issue. The only time my chain makes a noise is if it gets too dirty. Once it's cleaned and relubed my drivetrain is silent.

    I run 44mm chainline goldtec hubs on my track bike and use 111mm Campag Centaur BB with Sugino 75s on there. Again, this makes it basically a 43mm front and 44mm rear. Again, no problems.

    I price matched Jenson's stock against Niagara Cycles who don't actually ship to Europe and they were fine with it. http://www.niagaracycle.com/categories/p­aul-high-flange-rear-120mm-32h-black

  • I also found some steel bolts so I could torque them a little more than you can with the cheese alloy ones that come with Omniums. I got the RaceFace ones from CRC.

  • mega mate, thanks very much, you've given me loads of "why didn't i think of that"s lol

    also i've just been searching and if jenson do my price match it'll come to £67.50 posted and a pray for dodging customs, all is good :)

    Thanks for that

  • Choose a courier option and not USPS. Then you are more likely to dodge customs and it will turn up quickly.

    In my experience anyway!

  • Will do, tbh if the courier is more than £10 extra over usps then I'll just stick with usps and take the customs hit, they can tax me £11max so it won't really be worth it, I will weigh up my options come checkout though

  • Is there a thread on Unknown? I thought they were megabukzz kinda frames! Wrong! How easy was it to order from them?

  • There big cartel site does the cheaper finish frames for the US market AFAIK but I got mine from Korea on ebay when they were selling off the prototypes for the mass produced frames. So I paid a bit more for the frame but the build quality and materials are better than the cheap ones.

    Have a look at their Korean site http://www.unknownbike.co.kr/shop/index.­php

  • Still in one piece and going strong!

    Since the last update on here I've slammed the stem (need to chop steerer still) and I'm currently using an Antares instead of Arione. I might change it to a Prologo Nago soon though.

    The paint is steadily flaking away. I'll probably get something done about that soon, when I've got a clear idea of what I want and the funds to make it happen.

  • Nice

  • It's been a while since I updated this thread, but it's still going strong as my daily.

    Recent incarnations have seen it utilised as a #savetherackbike #widebarwednesday #riserlyf hashtag slave.

    Which is great for carrying oversized pizzas (note the regular sized pizza underneath the massive box for scale)

    But since I entered Red Hook Crit I needed to take it back to speed mode for a while at least. This was also a good opportunity to debut some exclusive Motorreeen forks

    Whole bike today

    The paint is getting rattier by the pedal turn, but hopefully that will be rectified post race with a little help from MotorReeen. :)

  • The forks look awesome with the frame:)

  • Yeah fork is boss.
    I say race RHC with a pizza on the front and munch it as you go

  • But since I entered Red Hook Crit I needed to take it back to speed mode for a while at least

    not gunna race on your dolan?

  • I wouldn't risk the Dolan against people that may not have raced before. Fuck knows what level some of the riders will be at.

  • Yep, still alive, but I rarely use it any more. I might sell the frameset soon to clear some space. In my opinion the new Unknown bikes are quite ugly compared to their first models.

  • Yep, still alive

    That's awesome.

    In my opinion the new Unknown bikes are quite ugly

    Yup, the went a bit overboard with the decals..

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Unknown Bike Co. Track Level 2

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