Use Alien cyclops, help

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  • Just got a bike with a carbon Use Alien seatpost with the single bolt, and cant for the life of me work out how to adjust it. I dont have the instructions for it, and its probably massively simple, but cant work it out.
    Ive undone the bolt so its completely lose, but seat will not move even if I give it a clout.

    Help please! I just need to tilt the nose down and slide it foward a touch...

  • put the bolt back in so it is a bit loose, and tap it, this will free off the clamp, you can then tilt the saddle to the right position and retighten the bolt.

  • Tried that, still no luck...

  • loosen it a bit more / tap it a bit harder
    You have to slide the front part of the clamp down the curved part. It can be pretty tight

  • Bingo, gottit! Thanks dude

  • Now take it out and flog it, the design is artistic, but pants.
    They fetch good money, surprisingly!

  • Say it ain't so! I have one waiting to go on my new build.

  • It is nice, very clever, and light, but it will one day slip*, and leave the saddle pointing at a silly angle. Then you will have to do all the above^ to sort it out

    *a racing certainty

  • I like my 2... (got a Ti and a carbon..) Work great with the single bolt, had one of the older twin bolt clamps though which was a shitter. Got a replacement clamp from CRC and works fine.

    However, I do agree, not the most secure design, useable though definintely. And pretty.

  • I'm 103kg, never had an issue with my carbon variant and I'm in and out of the saddle a lot on the race bike.
    Understated and lightweight, lovely in fact.

  • It is nice, very clever, and light, but it will one day slip*, and leave the saddle pointing at a silly angle.

    This is what I'm battling with.

    Funny, I just found this thread searching for USE Alien instructions. Did you ever try putting assembly paste or something else kinda grippy on the clamp area to stop the slippage?

    It's only on my fixed gear pub beater so I could just superglue the clamp where I want it but I guess I'd prefer a less radical solution.

  • Since starting this thread, and learning to tighten it up way more than you think it needs, it's never slipped once

  • Get your saddle position right and smother the clamp in the strongest epoxy in existence

  • How much is way more? I think it's supposed to be 3.5Nm and I'm sure I've given it more than that.

  • I like this idea. I've got Gorilla Glue already so I'd probably use that before buying something else.

  • More than 3.5Nm, but less than the force to snap the bolt

  • This isn't going to end well.

    Where's Tester to tell me the breaking strain of the bolt in these...

  • supposed to be 3.5Nm

    The fyck. I had mine at 4Nm and couldn’t go over a speed bump without the saddle shifting. Now cranked to somewhere between 6-9Nm, and even then I think it shifted once hitting a pothole at speed.

  • If it's gonna stay, hairspray is pretty good

  • Lots of people suggest that for the post itself, not so much the clamp, but I don't see why it wouldn't work.

    What about a certain type of loctite compound?

  • I tried that but it was fiddly to get the saddle at the right angle before it got sticky. And it still slipped.
    I’ve never actually tried epoxy as I sold mine and found some much better designs out there that don’t slip.

  • I like the shockpost on the fixed gear. It helps prevent the beer getting shaken up so much hitting all the potholes I can't see and it was cheap so I'm not that bothered about it but it would be nice to 'fix'. I've done it up again. The missus does have hairspray so next time I have time I'll strip it and stick it.

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Use Alien cyclops, help

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