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  • ‘Campage’
    There are so many weird spellings of Campagnolo in old British cycling culture.

  • Hi,

    I only just noticed that you had asked my opinion about this, so sorry I didn't reply at the time.

    Looks like a fine machine.

  • @Jingle_Jangle no worries - cheers anyway.

  • Deep clean, dust cap for crank, new cables, nicer post (tbc on the size - doesn't say on the old one), sort front axle bolt and it's good to go. Too small for me but its for mates to use when they visit . Will get some better pics soon

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  • My just finished 1981 Mercian 'Olympic'

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    • V92VWv8oSnOJF8D9VrHiaw.jpg
  • Rather nice KOM - £289 BIN

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  • There is this massive Mercian pro lugless 725 f+f only on ebay­built-63cm-Reynolds-725-steel-bike-frame­/265011718604?hash=item3db3ede9cc:g:TH0A­AOSwJB1f1kO3

    This is the 3rd time it has been up with no drop in price.
    Does anyone have one?
    Could be a good deal if I could snag it for 400 ish? 725 rather than 853/853 oversized (not techy so probably wouldn't notice this)
    I'm 6ft4, never had a bike fit, usually just buy an XL. So not sure on size

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  • That really would be a great deal. Reckon that’s a 6’4” person’s kinda bike for sure.

  • That's a lovely bike. Remember that fit also depends on your inseam and reach, not just your height.

  • @Skülly @Oliver Schick Cheers. No idea on bike fit so could ask seller for his spec sheet and try compare? And/or buy as cheaply as possible, get a bike fit on my current drop bar bike (xl genesis CDF) and see if it is workable. If so, stick with it/build it up and if not pass it on.

    On a separate but similar note, I am restoring a 1958 Mercian Whitemeadows at the moment, posting pics on my CP thread but will post finished ones in here when done. Bob at Mercian is such a helpful guy. Way too small for me, but it was a good deal so went for it and been a good experience doing it up so far

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  • That is lovely

  • No idea on bike fit so could ask seller for his spec sheet and try compare?

    I mean, if your proportions are reasonably standard, it looks as if that bike should fit, and if not quite, you could adapt it slightly. I was just saying that your height alone is not the only measurement you should consider.

  • Seat tube angle on that is pretty steep iirc, 74 degrees. If you need a decent amount of setback, the bars are going to be a long, long way away as it’s built for someone who runs a normal saddle to bar reach but with very minimal setback (74deg plus inline post).

  • @jupiz ah cheers. Frame angles 74 degrees & 74.5 degrees it says on the advert. Also:

    Seat tube, centre of BB to very top of tube = 63.0cm
    Seat tube, centre to centre = 60.5cm
    Top tube, centre to centre = 60.5cm
    Head tube measured inside inner edge of headset cups/outside outer edge = 19.7cm/22.7cm
    Chain stay, centre to centre = 41.0cm
    Seat stay, centre to join with seat tube = 55.0cm

    How do I know if I need a decent amount of setback? Does it being built for someone who runs minimal setback mean they have relatively short legs? Might try and organise a test ride when the rules/ my personal circumstances allow it

  • Difficult to say I suppose without you riding it. Plugged the numbers into an online fit calculator, and assumed 74 was the seat rather than head angle.

    Links here for both Mercian and Genesis respectively:­4c743.9802d270e570.42142f875.27138g1058.­23459h387.95757i340j340k1365.24514l880m1­173.9802n692.40796o1226.00407p961.68319q­1274.00436r1405.54677s970.78444t31.8u36v­6w14x18y280z40A0B150C0D362.8016E40.00002­F175G25H30Z­4c763.92924d268e567.86331f889.84168g1050­.0479h387.35048i340j340k1403.7823l901m11­68.92924n711.62915o1230.45956p987.67712q­1265.97365r1397.80298s991.72546t31.8u36v­6w12x18y280z40A0B150C0D395E50F175G25H30Z­

    Assuming you’re comfy on your Genesis, the fit would prob be a bit different . Given the exact same stem, post and saddle clamped at the same position the saddle would be 20mm more forward on the Mercian and the bars 20mm further forward and 20mm lower in space.

  • @jupiz ah thanks so much for this! Feel bad hijacking the thread but it is Mercian related...
    Seller sent the build sheet and is happy for me to test ride it. Angles are 74 and 74.5 (is the 74.5 H/T?) Seller's inside leg is 37” to the floor.

    Genesis fit wise I have no idea. I have it with a normalish length stem and a slightly layback post and it is too long for me I think. Did 90km at the weekend and it was fine, slightly stiff back but I think that is my fault for sitting at a desk all day and not stretching

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  • Angles are very strange for such a large frame.

    Typically as frame sizes goes up the seat tube angle slackens to accommodate longer femurs, at the same time head angles tend to steepen which can add a bit of extra reach whilst keeping the wheelbase a little shorter.

    Look around and you'll see 74 as a seat angle more often on bikes around a size 54 or smaller, whilst at 60+ you're looking at 72.5 or less still (e.g. look online at geometries for classic steel bikes from Colnago, Tommasini, Condor etc).

    Personally I'd worry about fit on that bike, about being able to get the saddle back far enough.

    • I did have a Gios Compact and they're an outlyer in having a rather steep geo and in large size (mine was a 62) pretty much the same as the Mercian in question. It was actually a lot of fun to ride, not my typical fit but made to work
  • This is a 725 pro lugless that spent a bit of time as a "rapha tribute bike" but i got over myself and it's now set up in the garage to do some daily exercise.

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  • @Tychom cheers for this :) and in line with @jupiz 's point if I need the seat far back (perhaps with layback post), bars could be very far away. I don't know anything about fit and if I need a seat relatively far back. Think test riding it is the best thing to do but even then I'm sure it'd be comfy for 10km or so you can do on a test ride

  • That's lovely! Could you give us a run-down of the components you used? I've a 1981 Olympic f+f that I will eventually get around to building, and if it ends up looking something like this I would be delighted! Ta

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The Mercian appreciation society

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