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  • Passing the mercian pictured at the end of the last page to my friend's mum. She has a 653 road frame in the same size (54cm) which I'll try and get a picture of soon

  • ebay

    Mercian KOM 66cm.
    £150 BIN or offers.
    Non original paint.­­%2F332823765662

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  • ^ what are the clearances on that likely to be - 28mm plus guards, or bigger?

  • Mercian themselves state that a KOM will run with guards and 28mm-­hop/frames/mercian-king-mercia/

  • Well my 50th birthday present to myself is complete, 1979 Strada Speciale.

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  • Very nice, and happy birthday.

  • Another beaut! I’ll be 50 next year....


  • On a recent visit saw the shop was shuttered and empty, the website confirms Mercian are based at the workshop only now. Bit sad in a way.

  • Just got a new Mercian pro Lugless frame delivered, was a sale frame but re-sprayed to my spec which took about 2months for them to do.

    Unwrapped it and really disappointed with the finish-loads of dust under/on the lacquer and colour doesn't match the sample I sent.

    What's the script here? Reasonable to ask it's re-done/refund? I've literally had better finishing and service on a £40 powder coat.

  • Definitely get them to re-do it.
    I had a similar experience when the refurbed my Mercian frame a few years ago. Took ages and when it was done the decals had horrible rough edges.
    When I complained they got it sorted out very quickly and with good communication so was ok in the end.

  • Yeah decal edges are off, loads of dust visible on and under lacquer... I would have probably let the colour being off slide if it looked like they'd put effort into the finish but collectively it's just disappointing, even more so because of the wait.

    They've come back immediately and said they're sorry and will re-do it so will give it another go I suppose...

  • I could possibly be up for selling my Mercian Vincitore pathracer. Still on the fence but if there is a mercian aficionado who is keen and can offer a loving home PM me. 58cm frame, track drops, beautiful lug work....complete bike except the saddle that @Skülly stamped many moons ago

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  • I really should learn how to post more tham one photo at a time .....

    Also cranks are Campag Record 165, hubs are DA, rims open pro, bars nitto

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  • Another Mercian for sale by me:­92/#comment14731402

    I can throw in this:

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  • Mercian now officially boiling my piss. After botching promised respray of new pre-built frame (which took them two months to begin with) being promised it would be dealt with "as a matter of priority" a month ago, I've had fuck all response to email asking when I should expect it back for over two weeks.

    At every stage of this process I've had to chase them for promised updates and at this rate summer will be over before I can even get the bloody thing built-assuming the re-re-spray isn't going to be the same as the fluff laden mis-coloured dogshit I was delivered the first time.

    If this is 'best of British' then we're fucked-would now much rather get a refund and just buy a fucking Cannondale or something.

  • They are pretty shit at answering emails I think, at least that's what I found when I dealt with them. I assume you've tried calling them-I found that worked better...

  • Just keep getting the same excuse about staff being ill when their Instagram shows staff returned to work and new frames going out.

    Asked for a refund now as it isn't even sprayed yet, which they're refusing.

    Thoroughly hacked off and disappointed.

  • TBH I was blown away by unbelievably slow and unresponsive they were - had a basic 70s road model resprayed a good 10 years ago. The finish was excellent however.

    Sounds like your experience is bloomin joke. If I were you I would request the frame stripped and a set of decals and get someone else to paint it. You might find that returning the frame itself isn’t going to be easy, but by all means get the paint job ‘returned’ as it were?

  • Pains me to say it but their service is pretty terrible.

  • Frame is already back with them, and they've not made it "a priority" like they said they would. Trying to tell me it takes the best part of a month to strip and re-prep the frame is pure jokes, even before the incredibly annoying "I'm disappointed you're making incorrect assumptions" chat because I'm not mildly accepting the excuses they're making.

    I'm disappointed as the frame itself is lovely but I just don't want my money going in their till at this point-feels like they lost interest as soon as I paid and the "we'll get right on it" turned into me chasing them up for two months to get a rushed out turd of a finish.

    I've already initiated a chargeback so hopefully that'll be the end of it.

  • Picked this up yesterday for club rides and commuting. Full Mirage apart from the rear mech, mismatched rims and a Mercian branded seatpost which is currently seized. Will be adding guards, a Carradice saddle bag and possibly a Brooks Cambium.

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  • Eeesh just found this thread as have an old Mercian I'm considering having restored. I think I know übé®_grübé®'s feelings but anyone else got a view on having it restored by Mercian vs Argos, Bob Jackson, Ellis Briggs etc? Seemed appropriate to go to Mercian until I read the above.

  • I'd like to think I was just particularly unlucky and that they might take the experience and knuckle down a bit more instead of resting on their laurels... Definitely felt like there was a strange attitude to customer service there though.

    Had great service at Armourtex in the past and Argos has a devout following too but I think their wait times can be quite long.

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The Mercian appreciation society

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