Birmingham questions answered thread...

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  • Bodega got one star too!

    How is it possible that you are able to facilitate a great start to the day, then ruin it...

    I feel cheated.

  • Dads Lane Chippy got 5 stars, King Kebab 1 ( I may have to alter my post pub visits to that place)

  • Dan, what places have 5 stars? is there anywhere reasonable in price?

    Doubt it has much to do with the price of their food but more the age of their kitchen and how much money they spend on cleaning/repairing it?

    Seriously though - if they were really un-clear and likley to cause illness/death the council wouldn't award them one star, they'd just close them down. I bet most peoples kitchens at home would only get one star.

  • I think it's a staff/management issue - pretty much every chain restaurant and fast food joint gets 5. Either way, 1 star means 'serious improvements required' (or something; I can't be bothered to look) which isn't encouraging. And if a restaurant can't be bothered to improve its independently measured/externally researchable hygiene, what does that say about their attitude to the food quality?

    There doesn't seem to be a strong correlation between cost and hygiene rating, but there are remarkably few choices of 4/5 stars in Birmingham, whereas other places I've been recently (Bristol/Devon) have plenty... Birmingham is just dirty.

    I watched a trashy daytime documentary about it (I'm not proud) and some bloke was storing cooked chicken in a raw chicken box, open to the air, and he had four stars. The inspector didn't shut him down, just made a re-appointment to visit a few weeks laterand even then it was a downgrade from 4 to 3.

    I reckon my kitchen would be a 2/3, but it's my filth and hence less worrying.

  • My kitchen has a cat infestation. Hair pie is a speciality.

  • if a restaurant can't be bothered to improve its independently measured/externally researchable hygiene, what does that say about their attitude to the food quality?

    Maybe they don't care as they know most people don't bother to look at their hygine score. Bet if they were made to display score they'd improve it.

    I caught a mouse the other day in my kitchen - maybe I should get a cat?

  • you can lease mine for £20 an hour.

  • An Hour!

    Whats its track record? does it devour the entire beast or leave me entrails on my pillow in the morning?

    I think I'll stick to the trap!

  • He'll bring the mouse back to us where we'll train it to do tricks.

  • ... Birmingham is just dirty....

    ....and shit.

  • Question - whats been going on with the UOB clock face? Was green the other night and last night red?

    Guessing its linked to some sort of event/commemoration...

  • The green one is some kind of sustainability thing i think,
    the red might be the blood of the ruling class as the proletariat rise to take control of the means of production - not sure though.

  • The green was Go Green week and the red was for Cure Leukemia day or something.

  • how does one find out whats fun things are going on in birmingham this weekend?

  • serious question, does anyone know a good trust-worthy plumber in the south bham area? if so can you PM details. Thanks

  • I'm gonna ask here, hopefully it's okay.

    I'll be moving to Birmingham in September. I've been looking for some rooms to rent, but any tips for areas to avoid - city center (inside A4540) okayish in general?

    If you've or your friend has a spare room in Birmingham city center available starting from mid-September shoot me a message.

    Will be dragging a bike with me so maybe I can join you guys from some drives and beers.

  • No areas you should avoid. There are a few of us who live in south Birmingham. Drop by bike polo some time.

  • Hyper, you should always avoid Sparkbrook and Alum Rock….

  • Doing a post grad in Aston and south is so far away from the uni... it also might be that I'm just lazy:)

    Polo.. hmmm.. will mosdef pop up some time dunno about playing, but I guess there could be a first time for everything after I've got around to riding on the wrong side of the street w/ bike.

  • Is there any DIY shop in Birmingham or could someone borrow to me lockring tool and chain whip? My tools got stuck in Finland and will need to change the cog to a bigger one.

  • Try the Bike Foundry in Stirchley tomorrow.

  • okay thanks. will check it out today or later on

  • Where should I go for a cheap haircut of the 'short back and sides' variety?

    Stirchley, Kings Heath, Moseley, Balsall Heath or Town Centre recommendations please...

  • Stirchley barbers (it might be called something else) - opposite loaf. I go to the one staffed by a solitary old man rather than the one for the youf.

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Birmingham questions answered thread...

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