• This is going to sound a bit strange but has anyone got a dead left hand Vector 3 pedal? I've got a spare dummy right one and it seems a waste to have it just lying around when I could have a spare set of normal pedals if I can source a broken left hand one.

  • Is the Vector PCO stuff any practical use? I see my left foot is, on average, at zero but my right at 9 or 10 but I'm comfortable on the bike and pedals so not sure if I should bother trying to "fix" it.

  • Gonna have to go back to Scientific Coaching I guess.

    And from them to SRM in Germany.
    Starting to feel that "gold standard" refers to the means of paying for shit when it goes wrong.

    Gold, standard.

  • SRMs only seem practical when you are in a team and can rotate between a couple of sets... or have an SRM product manager visit you on a fairly regular basis...

  • So what you're saying is I need to do loads of power based training and get on a team? No problem. Let me just go get my power met.... Oh, wait.

  • Couldn't wait to get rid of my SRM cranks. Total piles of shit.

  • You could also win lots of races based on feel and get on a team.
    Lets book some races... oh dear....

  • Have finally managed to get a power meter at long last. I presume I should first do an FTP test? Any recommendations for training plans to get the most out of it? I started looking at the TrainerRoad Sweet Spot Base which looked like it might be good. Totally new to power meters so any advise appreciated.

  • TrainerRoad Sweet Spot Base...

    would be a great place to start. If you have a specific event you're training for their plan builder is pretty good too. Here's a free month if you wanna try it out.


  • Oh, and if you're new to turbo training I'd suggest doing a few SS or other workouts first to get a feel for it before jumping into a ramp test.

  • but wait for this heat wave to pass... Fuck turbo sweating in this

  • Ramp test in 10 mins...

  • I started looking at the TrainerRoad Sweet Spot Base

    A good choice... also, don't translate time spent riding outside to inside - wise to start on the low volume plan and add more if needed.

  • Ramp test in 10 mins...


  • Unpleasant but good, or unpleasant and unpleasant?

  • At least you did it in the morning

  • +1w!

    Still not quite reaching the 5w/kg of the last couple of years peaks though 😕

  • Could be worse, in the last year I've gained 6kg and lost 65W.

  • You did make a human and a sick workshop though.

  • Thanks all. I don't have a turbo trainer so I'd be looking to do this outside....is that a major issue? I've read a bit about there being more variables but still doable?

  • Ah, looks like it's already been redeemed! Thanks anyway

  • I lost 50W in the space of 2 months. Did you check behind the fridge?

  • Some cheeky bugger pinched it! I'll PM you a new code.

  • Got it, thanks a lot.

  • So I need to do an FPT test now that I've got my power meter. Looking on trainerroad there doesn't seem to be the option to do the 20 minute test outside by sending it your Garmin? Essentially then just press the lap button when you're ready to start and again once done?

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Power Meters / Powermeters (SRM, Powertap, Quarq, Ergomo, Vector, Stages, power2max, P2M, 4iii, InPower, Cinch)

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