• I was wondering how and in what regard the chainset was on its way out.

    The NDS crank arm has started to loosen itself after a few hundred miles and needs retightening. I thought the splines might be damaged.

    Someone has said it also happened to their Rotor cranks and managed to fix it with Loctite.

  • Tbh I got a shimnao dura ace one now, I look forward to using that.

    I wouldn't buy an ngego. If your budget conscious loon elsewhere. I did buy a ng but as it was the only option for mtb and I got a deal because my ngego was fucked. .
    If you run garmin. You could have my srm pc6 fsa for cheap.

  • Picked up a 32H PowerTap SL 2.4 (not entirely sure which model it is) built into a wheel for just over £100 on eBay (along with a front wheel I can get rid of when I get round to sorting out my remaining bike stuff).

    Put a spare 8 speed cassette on it and it's on the commuting bike. First trip up the road and the Garmin didn't recognise it but fresh batteries fixed that and it's reporting power (who knows how accurately, will see when I get to do a proper ride).


    (When I'm ever back to commuting that is.)

  • And I've just ordered a Schwalbe Marathon Plus for my PowerTap wheel.

    (At least it's only 25mm but it's still 595g)

  • I used to commute on a 28mm version of those. Added about 5 gear inches to the effort just in Crr.

  • Used them for 5+ years on the commuting bike. Time lost was more than made up for by having zero punctures. Plus the extra time means extra time training. Which work was paying for.

  • Yeah, they're bulletproof. But they ended up on my training bike and while I liked the lack of punctures when they square off they handle like shit, so I moved them back to the fixed and put Durano Plus on the Kinesis, then eventually moved to plain Duranos. I think I binned it eventually after skidding through the blue stuff. I still have a Durano Plus on the fixed. I was thinking about putting a GP4000 on that that the missus cut up on the weekend. It's got a threadbare old as fuck open tubular race tyre on the front and I think a booted GP4000 would add to the 'I could be walking home any time now' feeling.

  • OK. Thinking of splashing out on a power meter.

    Not thinking of racing or training in any disciplined manner but looking for an objective way to observe improvements in fitness and performance and measure effort and energy use. HR isn't doing it for me. I can't push my HR above 141 and quite often will do long rides almost solidly under 100. These figures mean that Garmin/Strava tell me that I am riding distances without burning calories. All very strange and not very helpful and so i want to be able to gauge how well i am riding and how much effort I am making however knackered my heart is.

    I ride Campag Record and Look Keo.

    I would like something that distinguishes power from each leg so that I an assess any impact that my arthritis is having.

    Any suggestions for something reasonably priced and easy to use. I don't need granular detail but enough to amuse myself and to see how I am doing and possibly to encourage me to do more.

    Easy to use and install is important.

    Thank you.

  • If you want genuine rather than calculated L/R balance numbers, and you're using Look pedals, the Garmin Vector 3s would be the obvious solution. Bit spenny, and I've never used them myself (I've got the Vector 2s) but the reviews are good.

  • Also Favero Assioma. I've got them and they are easy to use and install and a bit cheaper than the Garmins.

  • Powertap dual side pedals also, you can pick them up pretty cheap I believe, but heavy (and ugly)

  • Also, while purely anecdata, a friend of mine bought a pair and had to have them replaced twice under warranty when they failed. I'd recommended them to him based on reviews I'd read, so don't listen to any of my advice.

  • Hah, not ideal...
    Infocranks have reported high accuracy, but anecdotally one of my bike club members snapped the crank arm, so not recommending those myself.

  • Thanks. That is really helpful.

  • Cheap Powertap wheel? You on rim or disc brakes?

    Hmm, not as cheap as I'd hoped, but you might find used option (ebay or TTF):

  • Looks like they screw with your q factor...

  • Their page deals with this in a really flippant way - "does this affect your Q factor? No"

  • It's only cheap if you ever get one and it's reliable

  • TBH I'd wait until they're shipping before buying one on the site. They were almost ready to ship a month ago and it's complete silence since then and also no info at all on the dual-pm version which, I suspect, is worrying.

  • On their Instagram there are a lot of complaints about lack of communication. July supposedly the shipping date. Tempted to buy one on my credit card though, so they can eat the loss if it never shows up.

  • Are people really still amazed when the "new, cheaper powermeter! is not actually available or turns out to be shithouse? I swear there's a new one every 3 months.

  • there's a new one every 3 months

    There isn't, it's just the same one reappearing every three months because people don't read back through the thread and see that they have been vapour ware for half a decade at least 18 months

  • Could be. I glaze over every time I see "new powermeter".

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Power Meters / Powermeters (SRM, Powertap, Quarq, Ergomo, Vector, Stages, power2max)

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