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    time = £

  • My hub flange cracked and I need to buy a new rear hub and it got me thinking if it wouldn't be a good chance to try training with power and just get a Powertap G3. Is the G3 a good choice?

  • Having just read page upon page of very cross testers on TTF, I think I might hold off on WKO4. Sounds glacially slow.

  • Can you still buy WKO3? It's not fast but it does work and to be fair to it I display the last 5 years or more of Perf Charts.

  • You can, but I'm on Mac. I could look into how it runs on virtual Windows, but seems like a faff.

  • Oh Mac user. Condolences. :)

  • By the sounds of it I need two bearing sizes for the Powertap so it's getting to the point where it'll be easier to send to Paligap and let them deal with it.

  • Can anyone name any changes they've made to their training or racing as a result of analysing on GC or WKO?

    I used to look at it but apart from thinking 'that was a good session' or 'that was a hard race' etc I never did anything with it.

  • Changes? My entire year's racing and training is based on analysing power data.

    Pacing strategies are changed after analysing race files.

    Workload is changed or sessions reordered if a session is harder/easier than expected.

  • Do people share their PMC's? Is that a thing? I've recently started understanding mine, would be nice to see how proper people do it.

  • I'm only in my second year of using power data, so am only now starting to spot patterns and work out how my profile affects how I ride.

    The biggest thing it's helped me with is seeing the relationship between weight and power. I wanted to see if dropping weight would mean a reduction in power and what the real world results of less weight are.

    It's also been helpful in spotting where I'm most efficient in terms of cadence and power.

    I don't race though. I just like riding as fast as I can.

  • I use WKO, not trainingpeaks so unless you're looking over my shoulder at home (you're not, that person is dead already) I'm not sure how it could be shared.

    You could copy some of the parameters but the graphs are going to look vastly different - well mine are.

  • I just like riding as fast as I can.

    Swap powermeter for motorbike and someone to motorpace you around town. Job done.

  • That's what I'm training my daughters for. I've spent enough time pushing buggies and carrying them on bikes over the years, so when I'm old they can drag me around instead.

  • What are you hoping to see?

  • Uses for children:

    1. take bins out
    2. washing up
    3. motorpacing

    Hmm... sorry... still not balancing out on my pros/cons checklist...

  • I've a powertapG3, the last Friday it was raining quite a lot. I rode around 2.30h raining.

    On Sunday when I rode my bike, when I stop pedaling the wheel didn't make any noise, like you cant hear the freehub. Should I worry or just keep riding?

  • Ha! My wheel sounds like a bag of cats being steamrolled.

    It's easy to pop the freehub off to inspect the pawls.


  • Good question. Can't answer it. Mainly a reference point to help in my quest for further understanding.

  • PMC charts are pretty specific.

    I try to maintain a CTL of around 100. Mainly because i run and swim a bit. So the workload is spread.

    I also run a 10 day training, 4 day rest, cycle. Because have the kids for those 4 days.

    Makes for an intense looking chart. But it works for me.

  • I look at mine whenever I wish to bark bleak bursts of laughter into the uncaring void.

  • My 365 day ramp is bestest.

    55 TSBs less dead than last year. Crashed to an epic 3 figure negative TSB in both years pre season cycle trip. Dodged the bullet this year though.

  • Zero build.

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  • So Mallorca was the 10th to 20th of Feb I presume?

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