• Aha - I did speak to a guy who was working with Brim Brothers years and years ago, and they have the right approach (wait until you've nailed it before releasing ANYTHING).

  • It's cheap(er) I supppose, but then issues with calibration, power tracking accuracy, issues with cobbles/rough roads and essentially 'best guess' power for home trainers makes it a dud for me.

  • Anyone know the bearing size/type/code for Powertap front hubs? The little carbon window ones that match the older style SL+ hubs.


  • i'm using a stages.

    At least I know if my left leg is improving. Who cares about the right anyway.

  • You only need one leg for a standing start - just do loads of them.

  • .

  • Well despite me losing 30 watts between Nov & Jan the watts have reappeared in abundance. Just worried I may be peaking too soon this year.

  • You only need one leg for a standing start

    Apparently you only need one leg to do 3k pursuit in 4:52, at least you do if you're Sally Hurst

  • Hurts my core muscles just looking at that^

    I paid £30 to have my P2M sent registered mail to Germany. Epically expensive. But I've had stuff og missing recently, and I wanted Peace of mind.

    Its taken a full 2 weeks. P2M will be picking it up from the customs Office today.

    So I'm looking at being without it for a month just in postage time.

    Training With HR is a bit shit, and I'm totally not used to it. Virtual Power from trainerroad is telling me 200w is sweetspot. Which is way off (I fecking hope). But at least its consistant.


  • Perceived exertion ? You should know how you're feeling/what your breathing is like when doing Sweetspot. Following Heart Rate will get you going too hard from the start as it's slow to react

  • Well despite me losing 30 watts between Nov & Jan the watts have reappeared in abundance. Just worried I may be peaking too soon this year.

    I dunno, De Ronde is only 2 weeks away.

  • I'm an expert on how sweetspot feeels now. Been doing 3 or 4 x 20mins, and 2 or 3 times 30mins for a large part of late Winter.

    But thats on the turbo. Outside, on Climbs, its not so easy. Plus when I do go a little too hard. By the time my HR registers this, its a bit late. Then end up easing off too much. I'm sure I could get better at it.

  • Treat the effort like a ramp, start slightly easier than you think, wait for your HR to catch up and then push on whilst keeping an eye on it. HR lag isn't nearly as bad once you've got the engine running.

  • does anyone have a rotor inpower and a garmin? im not having much joy getting them calibrated :-(

  • Rotor 3D+ SRM and PC7, plus mounts etc, recently serviced, £650

  • What power related data fields do you usually display in your head unit? For pacing on a long ride for example. I actually use:

    Power 3s, Normalized Power, Power Zone

    But at least Garmin can give you:

    Balance – 10s Avg.
    Balance – 30s Avg.
    Balance – 3s Avg.
    Balance – Avg.
    Balance – Lap
    Power – % FTP
    Power – 10s Avg.
    Power – 30s Avg.
    Power – 3s. Avg.
    Power – Avg.
    Power – IF
    Power – kJ
    Power – Lap
    Power – Last Lap
    Power – Max
    Power – NP
    Power – NP Lap
    Power – NP Last Lap
    Power – TSS
    Power – Watts/kg
    Power Zone

  • 10 sec power, lap timer, avg. lap power, NP, watts per kg and cadence.

  • NP lap and 3 or 10s Power.

  • Screen 1 (general riding)
    3s Power, speed, HR, Cadence.

    Screen 2 (used during intervals)
    3s power, Lap power, Lap time, Lap distance.

    Screen 3 (used to check progress)
    TSS, distance, duration, elevation gain.

  • Its good to have calories burnt displayed somewhere if youre doing big rides. Gives you a Nice guide for how much you should be eating. I've gotten used to using TSS for this though.

  • Screen 1:
    3s power
    Cadence | Avg Lap power
    Lap Time

    Screen 2:
    3s power
    Cadence |Avg Lap power
    Time | Lap Time

    I've a 3rd screen with not important data: speed, distance, temperature, total time ...

  • SRM is sold.

  • I have one working flawlessly with an Edge800 but had to find the right way to pair it. You may need to enter the sensor number from the LH crank arm and 'start' a ride before calibrating/pairing. Travelling at the moment and can't find the original InPower text I followed but this is basically the same process:


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Power Meters / Powermeters (SRM, Powertap, Quarq, Ergomo, Vector, Stages, power2max)

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