• I can get 6 flapjacks, and 6 gels into my jersey (With pitstop etc.).

    I need to be able to, strip and stash clothes, Down to fully open jersey and bare arms. To Instant I start climbing. I can over heat sub zero conditions in just shorts and an open jersey.

    So I only take a jacket if its proper Cold.

  • I can carry 12 bars and 12 gels and phone, keys money, multitool, lock in jersey. You're not trying hard enough. Remember the golden rule: everything will fit if you apply enough force.

    Overheating in the snow? Your brain's wired wrong. I wear everything and sweat more while thinking about how much less I'll weigh due to chronic dehydration for about 2min when I get home.

  • Im heavy enough without all that clothing. ....

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  • How long did it take you to pile all that snow over your 4x4?

  • That's right... to enjoy cycling you just need a reliable bike that fits you enough not to get injured.

    But I still can't understand why people give a hard time to an amateur that buys a PM... but they don't have any problem with people buying full aero carbon bikes that costs about twice as mine (or even more).

    Ok, 3kg less (mine is 10,5kg) may make you climb faster, but for about 690€ (my FSA Gossamer P2M) you can improve what really matters if you want to do better (your fitness) if you use it to train correctly. Throwing money just to make the problem go away its always not a good idea (and I understand that's also what your talking about because there are also people that buy an SRM because that's cool)

    I've bought it because I've overtaken enough carbon bikes with my brompton fully loaded (15kg) on Navacerrada to know that what I need to pay for is better training

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  • What type of P2M?

    I'm actually after a 165mm power meter of any (two sided) description if anyone has one knocking about.

  • Tl;dr because.... spot the difference! Again again!

  • Well if my little experiment with Hollowgram cranks + P2M goes wrong you can buy that setup off me, especially since it's your fault for making me think about q-factor in the first place. ;)

  • Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, a Brompton appears.

  • Aha - isn't that BB30 only though? This is for a threaded BB (old Cervelo P3 aluminium)

  • At first glance u thought it's not too shabby, but on closer inspection (especially side on) it just chunky and fat...

    No one? Really? C'mon it's an open goal: @hippy!

    Luffguss you've changed...

  • isn't that BB30 only though?

    Don't forget PF30 and BB30A...


  • Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, a smug git with a Brompton appears.

    Couldn't stop myself sorry

  • Naa, you got a deal from Velotech because they've lost Rotor to Saddleback for being absolute dogshit as distributors and after sales care. They'll just be looking to get rid of what stock they have left.

  • From couple o pages back re Praxis chainrings; them and Shimano are the only manufacturers forging chainrings so they are tougher stiffer and last longer than cheesy FSRAMpagnolo equivalents.

  • everything will fit if you apply enough force

    That explains the midget sex

  • Naa, you got a deal from Velotech because they've lost Rotor to Saddleback for being absolute dogshit as distributors and after sales care.

    That doesn't surprise me: told me I needed to spend £80 swapping the spider, when an 8mm spacer did the job.

  • This Saturday I'm going to race a track onmium, but the truth is I haven't been on the track for 6-7months.
    I have no idea of what gear to use :|
    We have to race:
    -200m Standing Start.
    -Sprint (200m SS qualifies)
    -Longest Lap
    -Points race.

    My best p5 is around ~350w, my best p20 is 290w and my best p120 is 260w, peak power 1100w. My cadence is around 80rpm. Weight is around 65-66kg.

    Considering my "low" cadence. I'm not sure what should I use.
    I have a 50T and 53T chainring and 13,14,15,16 sprocket. Could buy a 51 or 52T chainring.
    My guess is that point race will be around 40-45km/h (really bumpy and old velodrome)

  • Time for a new bike then. :P

  • Even I was tempted by that but left it for someone else. This place is slipping...

  • yeah they didn't strike me as experts!

  • Edit. Ignore me, read rotor instead of hollowgrams....

  • What length Hollowgrams? If 170mm then dibs...

  • -200m Standing Start.
    -Sprint (200m SS qualifies)
    -Longest Lap
    -Points race.

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Power Meters / Powermeters (SRM, Powertap, Quarq, Ergomo, Vector, Stages, power2max)

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