• Anybody on here using Look Keo pedals with the xpedo cleats that come with the Assiomas? Finding mixed reviews online on whether theyre proper compatible in practice.

  • Look cleats work definitely both ways. Not sure about the xpedo

  • New day, new challenges with R9250 powermeter. From google it tells me this is a gen 3 stages device. I can see it on devices (wahoo, e-tube) but cannot see the magnets when setting up. I changed the chainrings a month or two ago. Any suggestions?

  • Anyone had any issues with vector 3 having right pedal dropouts?

  • Apologies if this has been discussed before (thread search didn’t turn up anything) ; are Avio power meters gone to the wall? Companies House says Avio Sport in Liquidation….

    I was looking for a cheap power meter to marry to my existing bike, and something crank based would be a good solution.

    Can I fit Stages myself?

  • Depending on what cranks you have 4iii and Stages are super simple.
    If it is Shimano, just replace with a matching length Stages crank arm
    If it is GXP, replace with matching length GXP Stages crank arm
    If it is BB30/PF30 you will need a stages BB30 crank arm and the appropriate spindle length to match the frame.

  • Cheers - but I want to attach something to existing Hollowgram crank arms - is this possible?

  • Can I fit Stages myself?

    I don't think so. They're supposed to be calibrated for the crank arm and use special bonding. At least I assume they do otherwise how do they generate such accurate lol numbers?

  • No, you can buy hollowgram stages crank arms.
    There was a power meter brand that offered a self installation of strain gauges but not worth the effort.

    Power meter pedals are your best bet.

  • Indeed - i use speedplay and it’s the new wahoo’s are a bit too spendy.

    Thanks for the info

    Edit : it looks like the Stages Hollowgram crank arm is the best bet

  • Anyone tried one of the powerbox alloy FSA crankset power meters? They're quite cheap and maybe a bit heavy but going to shove it on my tripster and move the chinese ultegra PM to a new Winspace I bought unless it's super shit

  • Aren't they just rebranded p2m? In which case. P2m has been rock solid for me for years, although on the ngeco you just need to watch out for the battery cap as @skinny has found out. I have additionally secured that with a cable tie around it and have had no problems.

  • Got an old rotor inpower which from a standing start at traffic lights will read 2-300w or whatever when setting off but immediately drops down over the next few seconds back to 0 and then stays there with no output. Stopping and starting again reads another peak and then back down to 0 while pedalling. Cadence reads fine but no power. Tried 0 offsets but doesnt do anything. Just reads either zero offset 1000 or -2 but neither changes the output.
    Any ideas? Pretty sure it's fubar

  • The new one is in-house from what I understand. It's about 900g which is my main issue but, likewise, it's going on an alloy gravel bike with chunky tires so maybe 200g more than the ultegra is not worth stressing about.

  • Link to the new one?

  • They have a crunky desktop app that gives you all sorts of extra data, you can change the L/R balance etc. Might be worth a look.

  • Oh. Ok. Different indeed. Looks like it's single sided, if that sorta thing matters to you

  • Do you need an ant dongle?

  • If they’re the same age as mine, yeah. ANT+ only. Can borrow mine if you want

  • For a bit more Magene does a dual sided but given I have vector pedals to tell me my LR balance (which is pretty bad since I tore my meniscus) which I could use for the FSA, might just save my money

  • a friend is looking for a dual sided shimano PM, if anyone has anything

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Power Meters / Powermeters (SRM, Powertap, Quarq, Ergomo, Vector, Stages, power2max, P2M, 4iii, InPower, Cinch)

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