OT: Squash

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  • Hey all,

    Wondered if anyone on here plays squash at all and is looking for a game? I'd say I was at intermediate level but want to get better.

    Give me a shout if you're up for a game.


  • Bike squash?

  • Faggot bike racquet ball?

  • Oi, get out of here northern monkey

  • Check your latitude bitch.

  • It's a sub-forum...

  • Oh shit, my bad, didn't notice I was in Brighton. It's like falling asleep on the train to Croydon. How embarrassing.

  • Check your latitude bitch.
    I live in the lower mainland biatchhhh, how can that be northern???

  • Thread already exists, UTFS!


    Way to go dude, you derailed an innocent cyclists plea for cordial with your failure to read the title..

  • Yep cheers chaps. Between Northerners and narcoleptic train folk this thread has been truly derailed...

  • What you having for breakfast Woody?

  • Think im gonna miss it today, gotta get round to Tall George's so he can drive me to Burnaby so we can prove to the council that polo won't ruin tennis courts, for Ladies Army. Getting all jazzed up for an Xmas party tonight though, wanna lend me your medal?

  • Yeah, come pick it up if you get time.

  • I played squash once.

    Tru story.

  • Thought I'd re-ignite this one to see if anyone has got into squash yet? I'm always up for a game...

  • I'm a complete beginner but if you're interested in some cannon fodder I'd be up for a game. Next week perhaps?

  • Can play mornings at Oasis or Britannia off Old St. Have membership so no court fees. Let me know if anyone wants a game.

  • Am playing Wednesday evenings out at Withdean Sports Complex with one or two others. Keen to play someone a little better though. Lemme know...

  • Got free court today at britannia leisure centre in hoxton. Anyone want a game?

  • Started this thread and then forgot about it. Anyone local to Brighton and Hove on here and playing?

  • Dredge!
    I'm playing with a friend at Withdean Sports centre once a week but looking to play some more.
    Let me know if you're interested.

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OT: Squash

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