• No longer for sale here

  • impatient price drops!

  • Can I have the seatpost clamp please?

  • yep drop me a PM buddy

  • tune clamp sold, other components all still available!

    And my massive ridley frame! £380 its worth all that.

  • 60c-c ain't that big ;)

  • I've been looking for one of these frames, in this size for over a year!

    Unfortunately this coincides with my TAX return!!! Aaaargh!

    If this is still around in 2-3 weeks, I'll still be interested.

    Aargh...where were you 6 months ago?

  • hah! maybe not to you Apollo :)

    Rolling Thunder, I've been in the exact same situation before. Drop me a PM and we could perhaps discuss a solution.

  • Right, last bump before I stick the components on eBay , will leave the frame here for a while though

  • will you take 20 for the stem? Can ride down to blackheath this week

  • Dibs on the carbon fork if you decide to split, assuming its got 24ish cm of steerer...

  • dibs stem if Ollie won't take it

  • I think the stem is a fair price as it is, considering how much it costs new.
    Appreciate the offer though

  • Is the TRP front brake complete with the full fitting kit?

  • these frames are very good - got one myself.

  • Someone want to spend their Christmas money ? Make me an offer :)

  • Sadly for sale elsewhere now.


For Sale: Ridley Oval frame 64 c-t, HHSB Tune components, loads of nice parts!

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