SSCX Only!

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  • on one pomptamine

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  • That's very sscx 🥰

  • well alright

  • Phew.

  • woof

  • That's lovely, any info on the geometry? Looks quite slack.

  • Trying to work out whether it's worth paying £400 for custom wheels to put on an old baby blue Pompino. For some reason, 135 OLD, tubeless, single speed, rim brake wheels are not readily available off the peg - who'd have thought? Thoughts/abuse welcome

  • pompino with nice wheels is the thinking persons bike

  • I'd say it's worth getting some custom wheels for it but I'm sure you can get them for less.

    Replace the axles and space out some singlespeed/track hubs out to 135? Kinlin rims? Although good luck finding symmetrical ones.

  • I'd rather have an average frame with nice wheels than the other way around.

  • All good points, thank you. Agree in some respects wheels maketh the bike but I can probably do it cheaper with axle swap and the like. Currently I’m running road fulcrums on it but the axle barely fits and try running wider than 28mm on those rim. Albeit trivial in the current state of the world

  • Going to be building this up as a ss for exploring the various woods around me. First ss build. Pretty hilly around here.

    40-18/19 a good starting point and given I haven’t ordered any brakes yet Rl-520s plus full sized vs or cantis? Do I need to worry about sprocket wear with even toothed chainring and sprocket?

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  • Was gonna say you could just run a geared wheel with ss spacers/cog but actually I guess qr axles and decent width rims might be a rare combination.

  • full sized vs or cantis?

    if you're not actually racing, full-size Vs will be good. you'll need to check that the Tektro lever you have works with them, as they will have a different pull ratio to cantis.

    Do I need to worry about sprocket wear with even toothed chainring and sprocket?

    i had to google this as i'd never heard of it, which suggests it's nothing to worry about. seriously - don't worry about it.

  • Cool. Need to measure the canti boss spacing first, but any reason cant use v’s for racing?

    Think the rl520s are designed for v/mtb disc cable pull

  • but any reason cant use v’s for racing?

    When it's really muddy, like now, then they get clogged as they don't have as much clearance between the rim and the pad as canti's. But for drier conditions they are fine.

  • They're a bit more on/off than cantilevers too, which isn't so great when racing.

  • Don't fear, I'm wholeheartedly advocating for brakes which barely function - for racing purposes. ATMO.

  • Why are there so few sscx type frames? Looking for discs, mounts and dropout adjust not ebb.
    I can only really come up with trek with its adjustable dropouts, surly straggler, wolverine or custom? None are cheap
    Did anything come of the much promised new pompino?

  • All city, felt breed, Genesis day one

    Just use a tensioner on any cross frame? It’s pretty niche so you won’t find a lot

  • The "problem" with a tensioner is that it could get ripped off.

    Not sure the pompino ever got the discs.

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SSCX Only!

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