For Sale: oldmuthariley's clear out

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    It's been reported that the original seller has sold items that have been falsely described and are neither the item stated nor the quality stated.

    He's attempted to go back through and edit out the history of this, including attempting to delete the original post and all correspondence. I have restored the first post, and will shortly be banning this user.

    Further he requested non-reversible payment methods which remove buyer protection, such as PayPal Gift and Bank Transfer. Note: NEVER send money in the form of a PayPal Gift, you are effectively giving the money away with no ability to challenge it. And NEVER use bank transfer for anyone (but especially international) as there are few safeguards for you.

    Regular PayPal is the only recommended payment if you are not meeting in person and inspecting the item before handing over cash.

    The user's email address is the same as his username, but using a free email provider. If you come across this person on other websites, I strongly urge to avoid participating in a transaction with him.


For Sale: oldmuthariley's clear out

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