Ingress - Google's Augmented Reality Game

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  • Scrap that, I just found out! Press and hold.

  • Apparently I have 7 unused invites for ingress, anyone interested?
    join the enlightened!

  • hmm, yeah do it - lets have a look

  • Let me know your email addy and i'll submit it.

  • Still got an invite or 2, you pretty much have to have a gmail email address to get the activation code.

    I am now a level 7, which is halfway to level 8.
    If i get L8 befoe christmas i will be pleased.

  • Less than 100,000AP until (theoretical) L10. I think I'll retire after that...

  • I'm a Level 69, Quick-Tongued Harridan Slayer with Dark Knob Powerup.

  • ^ D&D Thread >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Dunwich Dynamo? :)

  • Ingress is now out of Beta. Free to download on Google Play. No more invites needed.

  • I hit L8 a few days ago.

  • Ingress is now out of Beta. Free to download on Google Play. No more invites needed.

    Got bored and stopped playing a few months ago. Should probably uninstall it soon.

  • I've been trying to wean myself off it for a while. Hit L10 quite a while ago.

    I'll probably just hack stuff and pass it on to the new players.

  • There are levels above 8?

    Meh, too late.

  • I think it's effective levels based on AP, 8 is still the cap, but you still accrue AP.
    L8 is 1.2million, 9 would be 2.4, 10=4.8 etc.

  • So they're meaningless labels created outside of the software by bored L8s?

  • That's one way of justifying it

  • ^^ Pretty much...

  • That's a shame about the 3rd party tools thing, if only because the Intel Map is a dog. I'm not so concerned about extra tools, but I find it so slow as to be unusable.

  • Yeah, Google's in-house intel is shit on a PC and unusable on a phone.

    As IITC is homegrown I'm surprised that they are pissed off about it!

  • New levels came in tonight. Now up to L16 and extra goodies when hacking.

    Now L13 player.


  • I just saw that, I stopped taking it serious at L8, now I have my work cut out for L9+

  • Just found out this has come out on iOS at lastt, downloading now. Annoyingly I'm on holiday in France till the weekend!

  • I have joined the Resistance! This is a great Geo mapping game and I recommend it highly. We must fight the Green team! Join the Blue.

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Ingress - Google's Augmented Reality Game

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