Crowdfunding the creation of the next version of LFGSS

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  • I agree.

    There's a fine line between spam and helpful notification, but without the notification how do people know that something has happened with something that they care about?

    For example, I'm here replying to this so quickly because I got an email notification.

    And I agree, notifications should be multi-faceted and user-configurable. As they are on LFGSS (subscribed threads).

    The basic offering needs to be "notifications based on actions I care about, and depending on how much I care either send me an email immediately or just update a web page that I can check when I login".

    We're supporting both of those, but as yet haven't either in place... just the skeleton for them.

    For an idea of how much emails work:

    LFGSS sends approx' 1,400 emails per day.
    Of which; none are marked as spam, 2/3 are opened, and 1/3 (of the total, 1/2 of the opened) are clicked and followed.

    These are things like "You've got a PM", "There has been a reply to a thread you posted in".

    Email has massive traction, but it's a user preference... some people hate it, some love it and can't do without it. It's very much a preference where the big question is whether you care about the sender (the community site/topic) and do you care about the content (the message itself).

    So it has to exist in some form.

  • furry muff

  • Don't worry though, you'll get the Twitter equivalent of the @Connect screen.

  • I have email notifications for subscribed threads turned off as my bookmark for lfgss is for the subscription page, but I do like getting email for PM's as theyre often something I can either just check by reading the email or something i want to reply to sooner rather than later

  • I basically think notifications should be configured globally (on a site), at a microcosm level (based on Microcosms you've subscribed to) and granularly (on a specific item).

    And that for each notification you get to choose the none, one or more ways in which to be notified.

  • Well, e-mail notifications are just one kind of possible notification. I think everybody agrees that a good notification system is key for user-friendliness, whether they want their notifications by e-mail or not. Like Corny, I prefer the User CP non-e-mail notifications, although I have e-mail notifications switched on for PMs and friendship requests. These still duplicate as visible notifications in the User CP.

    Without the User CP, I wouldn't have started to use LFGSS as much. I like all the options it gives you. It could probably do with a good deal of tidying up, as the structure of some of the options isn't too clear, e.g. where you find different kinds of ignore function managers for members and threads. There's plenty of scope for improvement in Microcosm.

  • Didn't see David's last post before I posted mine.

  • All of my notifications come in the form of a retired army major coughing discretely behind me, and soto voce declaring

    If it pleases Sir, Sir has a private message on the forum.

  • discretely [...] soto voce

    'discreetly' and 'sotto voce'

    (indiscreet spelling mistakes notification)

  • That's appawling spelling on my part.

  • 'discreetly' and 'sotto voce'

    (indiscreet spelling mistakes notification)

    No, he could be notified discretely too.

  • ok, time to have a look, methinks... but then i discovered i had a similar problem to perhaps dt and others whose login doesn't work.

    first thing, sign up with persona. not a problem. second thing, veryify account. again, not a problem. third thing, sign in.. problem!!

    [code]You've been logged out — this could be because of a site update or an expired cookie.

    This may also happen if you're trying to view a private item.
     [Click here to return to the home page]( and log in again.


    that wasn't what i was expecting!

    so, i thought i'd leave it for a while. ended up being a day or two. same issue. any suggestions - is it something i've (not) done, like telling you my username? but i'm pretty sure i did that already...


  • This was solved over email, but just in case anyone else ran into it: a small change has been made to the API which should make this situation impossible (it was very unlikely before, which is why hardly anyone saw it).

    It's still possible to see this message if your cookie has expired (as is possible with any website) but in that case just go back to the homepage and log in.

  • We are raising a 2nd round of investment:­post3655597

  • I have a question apropos reserved usernames

    I reserved my username back in the mists of time and now have no idea what email address I used to link the two. How to resolve, pliss?

  • You used the blueyonder one

  • Ta v much!

  • Just tell us when to pull the trigger

  • Did I reserve a username?

  • Current schedule:

    29th/30th July: Shoot and edit video
    1st August: Edit pitch text and submit video and text for verification and fact-checking
    8th August: Launch to existing investors
    22nd August: Launch publicly

    And bodie, yes, you reserved bodieanddoyle under your gmail account.

  • Marvellous stuff, cheers Boss.

  • So far there are 4 microcosms in my microcosm bookmarks folder which indicates some momentum.

    Also the recent upgrade led to a noted improvement in ability to use especially receiving notifications and the simplified formatting help

    Good work chaps!

  • Just a thought.
    Will the 'M' symbol in the bookmark be replaced by the microcosm owners own logo?

  • would need to be on a different domain I think.

  • Just a thought.
    Will the 'M' symbol in the bookmark be replaced by the microcosm owners own logo?

    would need to be on a different domain I think.

    Not necessarily, a favicon set in a tag should override a site-wide favicon.

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Crowdfunding the creation of the next version of LFGSS

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