For Sale: Cosmic Polo Frame + Forks - Custom 14 Bike Co.

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  • After much thought, I've decided to sell my frame & forks.

    I was gonna keep it and stick some sweet 2.0's on it with an alfine and turn it into an awesome 'street hybrid' but the fact is I can't justify doing that right now.
    So I'd much rather see it on court and being loved.

    So here's what's for sale:
    -14 Custom Frame with space sparkle paint. 73bb, 135 rear. Size wise I'm 5'10 and it's great. Would easily work for someone smaller too.
    There's 2 tiny dents from epic battles. They're not so noticable and don't effect the bike. Epic stickers! Rear has removable v-brake mounts. There is a disc mount but tbh I don't think it works with cable disc caliper do to the moving arm and spacing. Silly i know. Should work with hydraulic though. Though who actually wants a rear brake anyway?!

    -2 x Forks.

    I'm including the OG rakeless pair which have v-brake mounts. They have a small dent where I fell down a hole when doing drunken filming. Doesn't effect them though and paint it all good.
    You may prefer that 0 rake thing so might aswell have them.

    Other pair are Echo trials alu forks for disc brake. They have rake and make this bike handle really well. You'll be able to turn people inside out! It's true.
    They're light and strong. I prefer the feel of these.
    These alu forks + disc set-up inc rotor weighs less than OG fork and v-brakes!

    -Cult integrated headset.

    This builds up into great bike. It can handle big tyres no prob too.
    I have occasionally had pedal strike but tbh I'm using wide bmx cranks on a 73bb and the q factor is wide. Needs some nice hollowtech shit.
    I also turn stupidly low.
    I'm selling due to a new 14 Bike Co opportunity.

    The F&F cost me £550. I'd like £350 for it.
    Will be available end of November.
    No posting unless you arrange collection.

    It's a top grade custom polo frame with good geo.

    The wheels, rotor guard, seatpost, seatclamp, cranks etc may be for sale too if interested...

    With front disc set-up / alu forks.

    Older pic with OG fork.

    Let me know if you need more info.

  • Tempted..hmmm.

  • Is this still more than a marino?

  • Do it brown. Looking like I might keep mine.

  • Todd where did you get the disc brake guard from

  • Alright dibs..will give you a call sir

  • Not much more than a Merino surely...
    Dibs to JB. Be great to see ya.

    Disc guard is new Max Power.
    If that fits my new forks I shall be hanging on to it.

  • ...I'm selling due to a new 14 Bike Co opportunity...

    go on...

  • Old school dibs

  • (John's on it.)

  • its 135 spaced at the back woth 26" wheels?

  • Yep.

  • If you guys could casually mention that John still owes the LHBPA £350 (LO2011) it'd be much appreciated. - John's on it.

    Better to just PM that kind of thing, Jono. This is Todd's personal sale thread.

  • This is available once again as JB had to drop out.
    Wheels cranks seatpost all available and ill do a deal if anyone's interested in more than f & f

  • hmmmmmmmmm.... i'm gonna go check my bank balance

  • It's a great bike. In fact, I've been questioning recently why I'm getting rid of it as it plays amazingly and I'm scared my new frame wont be as good. I didn't need a new frame but got caught in the hype of having a team uniform bike!
    Whoever buys it wont be disappointed.

    £300 gets you the frame and one set of forks plus headset.

    Imo the forks I'm using make the bike play better. If you want the zero rake forks I'd definitely consider getting ryan to switch dropouts for raked ones...

    Or just buy with both for £350 and I'll throw in a new seatpost and a few other bits...

    £500 will get you almost the full bike. I'll include cranks with bb and ti axle plus wheels and rotor + disc calliper + headset + profile clamp + bars + post + saddle + Cosmic Top cap + tyres and tubes!!!

    You'll just need pedals, cables, stem, grips, and lever. And back brake if you want one.

  • Almost Full bike is a bargain! Whoever buys this is getting a sweet deal.

  • Every time I see this thread I can't help but think that bike would look absolutely badass with dropbars and knobblies.

  • Frame and OG forks are now sold.
    Alu forks for disc brake and wheels available if anyone's interested

  • who is the lucky member of the club? :)

  • D'ya know Peter? Guy who has the massive Surly fat bike...
    Not sure how much he plays but he was at the league game last night and he said he was desperate to get a decent bike to play on.

  • He's getting serious about it then...

  • Wowsers.

  • is he from north america? i think he came to souths and i gave him a go on mine.

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For Sale: Cosmic Polo Frame + Forks - Custom 14 Bike Co.

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