Hacksaws Challenge 2012!

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  • Good afternoon London! It wouldn't be the same without you. ;)

    Event has changed hands this year, but rest assure that the ethic and structure remains the same.
    Start, checkpoints and finish have changed slightly and will be announced closer to the event.

    For more information:


    As ever: www.trackdropouts.com


  • Essential racing.

    6pt is broken, who's going to represent London?

  • Meeting point announcement: Queen Square, Bristol. BS1. 1800 hrs.

    Bring lights, helmet, bike and legs! ;)

    Friendly (local to Temple Meads) pub booked on the night as the venue for the debrief, prize ceremony and alcohol/fizz consumption.

  • Yeah not for me this year. Sorry. Been looking forward to it for a while so it's a bit of a bitch. Was chatting to skinny at the track about it a few weeks back, he'd probably smash it just fine.

  • (only ridden that bike like 4 times since last time around. poor show.)

  • (only ridden that bike like 4 times since last time around. poor show.)

    Snap! And one of those rides was having a crack at one of your KOM's in my local area. I'll have it next time I go for a proper ride ;)

    I have a wedding on the 3rd. Gutted.

    This is my favourite ride/race of the year, las year was all about the ninja style and aerobars. Getting your gearing right is crucial.

    The atmosphere is always great during Bristol events and they're all super good chaps. Coming down from London is really easy, even if only for the ride.

    Well done for organising Dave, maybe I'll be able to catch it next year.

  • Everything you've said is spot on. Also, your local area KOMs are my local area KOMs so you might as well just let it go :)

  • I want to but I'm off to london that day. I'm mightily unfit anyway.

    Hope it goes smoothly Dave

  • Great to hear positive feedback. Thank you!
    It's a race we're all very passionate about in the South West.
    And yes, fixed gear Gods willing, it shall return for 2013!

  • I was thinking of doing a similar one between Cardiff and Newport sometime. Not sure where all the fixed riders in Cardiff have disappeared off to though

  • Checkpoint announcement!

    Queen Square, Bath, BA1.

    Get your hand stamped and you're on the home stretch of Hacksaws Challenge 2012!

  • I shall be racing (read: trying really hard not to throw up)

  • i'll be there, this time more prepared, with a spare tube, a puncture kit and actual cycling clothes instead of a jacket and jeans.

    EDIT: and more lights.

  • And a pump Will. Take a pump/co2.

  • Finish line announcement!

    Colston Parade, Bristol, Avon BS1 6RA.**

    **A final sprint from Temple Meads along Redcliffe Way and up Redcliffe Hill, turning left (heading east) onto Colston Parade (Bristol, Avon BS1 6RA) and you’ve completed Hacksaws Challenge 2012.*

  • More detailed information is being compiled here: http://hacksaws-challenge.tumblr.com/

  • Official artwork/flyer courtesy of White Duck Screen Print!

  • Today is the day! Hacksaws Challenge 2012. 1800hrs. Queen Square, Harbourside, BS1. Bristol.

  • I'll be the guy in the fox costume not knowing where he's going

  • Alright fess up, who was it who came up to me and said 'i recognize your bike from the internet.'

    I seriously didn't expect it to be that grueling. My costume probably didn't help

  • I'm pissed and marshalling at at cx race too early tomorrow so didn't ride. How did it go? Traditional merky weather, everyone safe?

  • it was me that said that, haha - had a hard time catching up after you overtook me and managed to eventually get past!
    event was great, bloody cold but no rain, i came 16th which was an improvement on last year... really really good time, highly recommended...EDIT: ride was bloody grueling (by my standards)... but i loved it... Lycra would have definitely been more practical for you BONOR

  • Thanks for coming out and riding!

    www.hacksaws-challenge.tumblr.com - the website will be updated with words and photos as they emerge.

    As ever, Hacksaws Challenge remains an annual event, but we're planning something for the summer too in 2013. Hopefully see you again next year!

  • Lycra would have definitely been more practical for you BONOR

    Haha definitely, i knew i was under-prepaired before i left my flat but as soon as i met up with rob and lucy in their full skinsuits, TT set ups and massive gear inches i knew i was in for a grueling ride.

    I had thought about sticking my 16 on the back all day but decided to stick with my 18 for some reason, that was a massive mistake. And joggers under a onsie are not the best race attire, i was freezing my fucking bollocks off aswell as forgetting my gloves.

    Overall a fantastic race and great fun. I will no doubt be there next year dressed just as odd.

  • I'm glad another year has gone well David. I hope to do it next year so long as nothing else gets in the way. A summer race would be really cool.

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Hacksaws Challenge 2012!

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