KT FGSS - Kingston and surrounding area

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  • When did that open? I really need to start paying more attention, I ride down that road nearly every evening. Do you know who's working there?

    ^ I'd be interested in the maypole, mainly because I could walk there in 5 mins!

    Anyone own the all black lo pro or the red Dolan with white wheels on here?

  • Anywhere you can get a pint and chips for under a fiver?

    Yes yes, I'm aware this isn't 1999!

    Weatherspoons, Raynes Park.

  • Which is my local

  • If we all hassle Neil's Wheels on Old London Road we can get a BBQ going in the front yard and do a one-on-one hill sprint comp up dark hill after dark. £2 to enter, split money 60/40 between 1st and 2nd place.

  • What about the other 6%

  • @velocio could this be moved into the social section, please.

    Oh, it might have already been...or you're quick! Thanks :)

  • So...

    Lots of suggestions, anyone want to pick a day and place and we'll see who comes?

  • Alright guys,

    Thought I'd join up and introduce meself. I work at the new Neil's Wheels Shop down old london Road in Kingston. Hi!

    I know a couple of you have popped in to the shop before and chatted a bit about a poss meet up of some kind. The great thing about having a space like ours is that we can pretty much do what we want with it.

    Would love to arrange a meet up/beers/bike fix evening one day after work or on a Sat night here at the shop and get everyone acquainted.

    how does this sound to you guys? Was also thinking of putting on some films soon (we have a sofa and a borrowed projection screen) Thinking bike related documentaries or riding films etc. Any suggestions? Anyways, I am rambling. Lets meet up soon and party/ride. - Bailey aka Alex

  • If a Saturday, I might be able to make the 6th... though the next 5 weeks are uber busy for me so can't guarentee I'll make it. Pick a day though and I'll try and come along!

  • Literally just moved out of kingston to streatham a month back. Be up for coming back for the above sounds fun, miss it a little bit too.

    Neils looks like a nice little shop.

  • (we have a sofa and a borrowed projection screen)

    Can I leave East St Cycles and join you guys?

  • @yurkirin Dolan with white wheels is a guy a kingston uni's.

    Used to see him about when I was there, not sure if he is on here or not.

  • Hi @Baileyoh

    Was away on holiday, currently back in Kew while an extension is done on the house in New Malden. Will be back closer to Kingston in 6-8 weeks. Maybe we can start organising some rides from the shop - fixed rides into Surrey Hills, possibly even some night rides.

  • Anyone fancy a Brighton and back on Wednesday? Fixed, relaxed pace. Will be a bit breezy but dry.
    I'll be blagging the route based on the bhf ride and don't really know where I'm going.

  • i might be down will ask around what time leaving
    im new to this page and live just outside kingston

  • I'll swing by Surbiton station around 9am and hang about until 10 past if anyone fancies getting lost with me.

  • sounds like a plan

  • Im in kingston, at the uni, if anyones up for beers i am, same goes for rides, i like the sound of brighton and back if anyones up for it?

  • Hello, are there any regular meetings / socials?

  • Not yet. @Baileyoh Christmas BBQ in your yard and hill sprints up dark hill, back to the Fighting cocks for some live music and Ale?

  • sunbury is where im at any one wanna ride ?

  • Too cold and full of potholes.

  • I'll be at work, but thought I'd share this....

    "So this Saturday we'll be opening the pub early to show the highlights from the first day of the Track Cycling World Cup!

    We'll be open at 8am, £1 unlimited coffee and breakfast available from £2.99 to fight off the inevitable post Friday night blues.

    The Kingston Mill
    58-62 High Street, KT1 1HN Kingston upon Thames"


  • yo guys, Sorry for the SLACK reply! Deff up for using the shop as a meet up place if people are down for evening rides or a beer/social meet up.

  • sounds good to me,
    there seems to be a few riders around and i havent met any of ya
    theres a few guys from sunbury area that ride with me and would be down for beers and meets

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KT FGSS - Kingston and surrounding area

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