KT FGSS - Kingston and surrounding area

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  • Surely with all the riverside pubs we could pick a much better place than this...
    No sun, no garden/outdoor space, on the busiest road in to Kingston, no lock up space. :-/

  • druids head.

  • Rowhan ruining another drinks, before it has even started.

  • How have I ever ruined any of the drinks?
    Do you have any suggestions at all, or is this just another thread for you to troll instead of adding some sort of useful input?

    I was just making suggestions

  • druids head.

    Also not a bad pub. Good possibility of bike storage space down the side, with heavy gates. Probably wouldn't even need to bring any locks

  • Druids head, is that (near) opposite O'neals?

  • Riding that way tomorrow maybe some of you guys want to do a richmond -> london -> richmond loop that shares the second part of this?


  • I'm working tomorrow :(

  • Isn't there also a SW thread where everyone's put themselves in?

    I work in teddington and sleep in Wimbledon... I'd like there to be SW drinks, but I doubt I'd make it enough to be a founding person...

    If we could combine polo and drinks though, I'd be there as I'm sure would crumb, victorrod, Phil, and the other SW polo players...

    When west polo was directly before west drinks we used to get so many going to both...

  • Is there a SW polo night?

  • Polo was (is?) Down in South Park, just south of Parsons Green before, wasn't it?

  • Even though I work in Walton, I tend to ride to SE just for the lols.

  • and wests used to be in Fulham...so picky

  • http://www.laclochepub.com/lion/
    Hidden away in the back streets of Hampton Wick but cycling friendly with a nice enclosed courtyard at the back with street access for your bike. Hosted the Vulpine Cycling Fete at La Cloche at The Lion last June.

    Opposite Sigma Sport in Hampton Wick. They now have a few bike racks on the wall but Sigma have plenty of railings outside too (haha).

    Nothing cycle specific but it’s beside the river with a big garden. Can be lots of kids running around though.

  • I drink in the anglers every week anyway, so if it's there I'll effectively come along either way :)

    Also a few good "special places" for post drinking smokes :)

  • Not a bad pub at all - would imagine it wouldn't be heaving, mid-week (at least compared with how rammed I've seen it on friday evenings all the way through to sunday evenings.
    Reckon it would be good on a wednesday?
    Would definitely be a nice destination to have at the end of an evening training ride

  • Anglers is a good pub bit expensive but nice beer . Peroni on tap yum yum

  • Anywhere you can get a pint and chips for under a fiver?

    Yes yes, I'm aware this isn't 1999!

  • Anywhere you can get a pint and chips for under a fiver?

    Yes yes, I'm aware this isn't 1999!


  • The Maypole on Upper Brighton Road. It's a sporting (rugby) pub with a secure garden to keep the bikes in. Unpretentious (not full of poseurs) as it's a bit out of town but the pub manager's proud of the beers. Not really cheap but, hey... and as becomes a pub owned by an Irishman with kids playing for London Irish it's open 24x7. I've seen a few other fgss riders around Kingston and will be happy to meet for a couple of beers there on a Weds evening or something.

  • Neil's Wheels now have a shop in Kingston, v fixie skidder friendly.

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KT FGSS - Kingston and surrounding area

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