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  • With the dyno up front i'm guessing you won't be able to swap front and back wheels anymore? Did you decide this wasn't that important. I was considering front/rear switch-ability on a new touring build so interested to hear your thoughts.

    My plan was to use­-bike-light-concept/ so i could still have power while keeping wheels swappable

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  • Yeah the dyno makes it impossible to swap, but I'll still have the alfine and singlespeed wheels to choose between, so if I decide to go with gears and no dyno I still have the option to switch wheels if necessary.
    Hopefully the fact that I'm running it dinglespeed now will make rear hub issues less likely anyway. But at least I'll have options.

  • Oh cool! didn't realise you could dingle a belt drive setup. Yeah, very unlikely to develop any problems, big fan of my dingle-fixed i've used for my last few tours.

    Get your ass to CMWC Riga if you're riding round europe for a summer tour :)

  • It's certainly not straightforward. Very limited options for cogs, sprockets, and belts. So maybe not even possible for certain bikes. Thankfully, Gates hooked me up with a sprocket that isn't publicly available, but which allowed me to get just the ratios I wanted and still have really good belt tension in both gears without needing to adjust anything. :)

  • I only just spotted your link to the velogical rim dynamo... That looks like a really good option if it works as well as they say.
    Only potential issue I can see is if you badly ding or buckle the rim. I'm guessing to achieve the minimal drag the dynamo isn't on a sprung mount that allows for rim wobble?

    Still, I'd be interested to hear if you went with one?

  • I think I saw your new fork on the gram today?

  • Rob has started my new 29+ fork!
    I'm excited to see the progress as he adds all the little details... But even more excited to see the rack with its modifications. :)
    I've already seen the new wheel, built around a Son 28 135mm dyno hub, 32h, laced to a Nextie crocodile 50mm carbon rim, and wrapped in a vee bulldozer 3.25" tyre.
    Hopefully it won't be long before it's all done. I'm sure the extra cush will be most welcome in the Scottish Highlands this summer. :)

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  • Ahhh I've not been on there today, but he sent me a pic so probably the same one.

  • Could you do something about the broken pic links upthread? Haven't seen this before and would like to know what the bike looks like ;)

  • 135mm spacing for a spare Rohloff up front, right?

  • That's the one. Incase the rear singlespeed hub fails! :)

  • I'll add some new photos once the new fork, wheel, and modified rack arrive.
    I've also modified the jones bars, the hammerhead Karoo mount, the sinewave beacon light mount, and changed the aerobar extensions since its last photo.
    #neverfinished :)

  • Getting there!

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  • I resisted the temptation to go with triple mounts to the rear at least! :)
    The back of the forks is strictly for water bottles for me!

  • What material are the fork legs?! I wouldn't want to drill that many holes in a fork unless that's some serious wall-thickness stock!

  • Well the last pair are still doing fine after 5 years!
    I'd say Robs years of bike building experience combined with his engineering qualifications make him pretty well qualified on the fork drilling front. :)

  • I just saw a sneaky shot of my newly modified front rack...looks like it's going to work exactly how I hoped.
    Rob's just waiting for the pair of King cage titanium manything cages to arrive so they can be painted black too to match the forks and rack.
    Exciting! :)

  • Any updates @Black_Rainbow_Project ?

    Also, I recall you breaking a belt during the somewhat extreme mud of the 2018 Dorset Gravel Dash. Do you think you'll carry on using that system?

  • Completely missed this, sorry!
    As it's the only time I've had a problem with the belt drive I'll be sticking with it as I really like it. But I'll be carrying a spare belt in future, especially as they weigh almost nothing. :)

    I'll update on the changes to the bike soon as I am making a new front harness for the rack on a rare day off today, which was modified a year ago now. I switched from a 7" dia drybag to a 6" dia, so I wanted to make the harness a little smaller and simpler/cleaner now that it bolts to the rack instead of being strapped on.

    Just a shame I never get to ride the bloody thing! :(

  • Updated harness. Voile straps for closure, no straps needed for attachment to the rack. Simple and clean. :)

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Custom Rob English MTB

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