For Sale: Vintage jerseys

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  • More things that might be interesting for someone.....
    Pick up from Kings Cross or LMNH or add £3 for posting.
    (Donation will be made to forum)

    Pics here:­5/

    [strike] Orange, black and white design with world champion stripes - £15 [/strike] Sol
    [strike] Size '2'
    Chest: 16" (laid flat)
    Length: 28" (collar to hem)
    Two pockets
    100% acrylic
    Little bit rubbed up.[/strike]

    [strike]Blue with striped sleeves- £15[/strike] onyerbike
    [strike]Chest: 16" (laid flat)
    Length: 26" (collar to hem)
    Three pockets with buttons
    100% acrylic [/strike]

    Lime green with white and green edging- £15
    Chest: 15" (laid flat)
    Length: 26" (collar to hem)
    Three pockets
    100% acrylic
    Small pull under right arm

    Light and dark grey with orange stripe- £15
    Size '2'
    Chest: 18" (laid flat)
    Length: 26" (collar to hem)
    Two pockets
    100% acrylic (i think)

  • I've seen these tops at close hand & they're in ab fab condition- have a free bump on me :-)

  • Dibs the blue one please

  • Thanks El_Diablo : )

    Onyerbike, I've sent you a PM to confirm.

  • Where do you find these kat? I love the colours.

  • .

  • I really like the grey one, how would those measurements compare to normal clothing sizes? I can't find a tape measure

  • dibs the orange black white one and green one depending on size.

    do the have a size label in them? it's usually a 1, 2 ,3 , 4 sizing scale.

  • sorry didn't see that you won't post so undibs.

    why won't you post them?

  • dtm0121- It's a size '2' and yes I will post (I've amended the listing - i was initially hesitant as I am moving house and I've a huge list of things to do/move about etc). Let me know if you still want it.

    tommmmm - the grey/orange one is the biggest of all of them and quite stretchy. It says '2' in the label but I'd say it was closer to a medium..... You are welcome to pop by and try it on.

    Missmouse - they came from various jumbles and race day. I've got quite a rainbow collection now : )

  • ok thanks kat but i'm a size 4 at least so i won't get them now soz.

    nice jerseys though.

  • Please can I have the black/white/orange one?


  • Thanks dtm0121 - sorry they are not the right size for you.

    Hi Sol, PM sent

  • thank you thank you! although too small for me a small friend is getting a very nice bday present thumbs

  • ^ very cool slevs on that one!

  • That grey jersey is a beaut, wish it was bigger!

  • Is the lime green one still up for sale? If so I'd like it!

  • Onyerbike - Nice to meet you. You've a lucky friend.

    Tommmmmm - Good to see you again.
    I like selling jerseys and having chats about bikes, books and travel : )

    Hoefla - it was hard to part with that one. I liked it a lot. Lucky I stil have another six or more......... #slightvintagejerseyfetish

    Cathyoh - yes it is. [strike]PM sent.[/strike] Have left a message on your profile page.

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For Sale: Vintage jerseys

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