Wrist Pain?

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  • I moved to London about three months ago, and since I moved here have been doing at least 50 miles a week on the bike. I've started to get a super painful left wrist, which hurts when bent in either direction, or when i try to open doors with it etc. Sounds like tendonitis I guess. Just wondering if anyone had heard of this before, and if it's normal for cyclists to get this???

    I also started working in an office around the same time, but typing and stuff doesn't seem to hurt it, so I don't think it's typing that hurts it.

    Anyone got any ideas of how to get rid of it? Should I wear a wrist brace or something? I don't like the idea of stopping cycling too much...

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  • ask your gp mate..

  • Sounds more articular (joint) related if hurts in all directions. Have you had any injuries / crashes affecting the wrist and is the pain local to the wrist joint or more spread through the arm? Would expect more pain at work with a tendinopathy as they will be in use all day whereas the joint are more involved in movement and loading. Would benefit from an assessment for more specific advice.

  • Hmmm, yeah it just hurts in the wrist, no crashes that I remember, but I used to BMX back in the day and probably had loads.
    I Guess it's not that common then :( Have to hope the GP knows his stuff...

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  • Do your bars fit ok? I used to get pretty bad pain in my left wrist but after I had a bike fit and swapped my 42cm bars for 38cm ones the pain has vanished (my shoulders are 36cm wide).

    1. Don't trust unqualified muppets on the internet - go and see your GP
    2. Keep in mind that your GP's knowledge of cycling wrist pain will be virtually non-existent though.

    I've had lots of wrist pain over the years, for lots of reasons - all basically because the bars weren't right or the bike behind them wasn't.

    What kind of bars are you using?

  • This setup is currently giving me wrist pain after about 90 minutes of riding. Am I missing something (apart from decent core muscles)? I can't find a comfy rising position on it: either I keep a straight line down the back of my arms though my wrists, which leave me feeling like I'm hanging off my thumbs or I put my palms on the flats which cocks my wrists backwards and gives me pain no the back of my wrists. Any suggestions?

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Wrist Pain?

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