London's Drive to Work Day

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  • Worried by the war on the motorist?
    Pissed off by the price of petrol?
    Annoyed by the arrogance of cyclists and bus users?

    Then leave your bike at home, your oyster card in the drawer, your walking shoes in the cupboard and join thousands of others on Tuesday 11th December for London's own Drive to Work Day.

    Experience the rush, the freedom of London streets empty of pesky cyclers and walkers. Laugh as you wizz by the empty buses and tubes!

  • Tempting. Very tempting. I shall prod a couple of places tonight...

  • Good stuff MrDrem. We hope for massive turnout. The more the merrier...

  • I don't get is something ironic?

  • sponsored by Halliburton

  • and Gazprom: "The Fuel of Life, Fuel for Your Life"

  • I don't get is something ironic?

    I'm guessing it is to highlight just how horrible it would me to commute by car if all the people who currently don't, suddenly did. So car drivers should thank their public transport and cycling to work peers and not be such cunts to them?

  • I don't get is something ironic?

    That is up to you...

  • ^^Sound Nurse H
    Now anyone want to design a London's Drive to Work Day logo?
    The brief would be something with a motor, with London, with (ironic perhaps) freedom

  • Will the Congestion charge and parking charges be waived for the day?

  • Challenge accepted

  • Isn't this just a protest to get a Barclays hire car scheme to go along with the bikes?

    Imagine it, get out of your house, pick up a car from the handily placed racks, and sit in traffic not moving all day, just for £1 !!

  • Well since Street Car, which was pay as you drive, was taken over by Zipcar, which you need to pay an annual fee for, there needs to be a decent car hire scheme which doesn't make you feel you need to drive to get your money's worth

  • In!

    This sounds great, we'll show those dickhead bicyclers. Maybe we should all go through every red light like every cyclister does in London. They only do it to dodge paying road tax, that's the real tax evasion in this country. I mean noone could want to ride a bike if they can afford a car. I hate the way they overtake me on the left *and *the right, it's really deeply offensive to me, they shouldn't even be passing me on one side of the road if they don't pay road tax, they should have to stay on the pavement. and they shouldn't be allowed to wear that lycrashorts, i mean children might see them, and it's unsuitable. and some of those dickheads ride on the pavement, it's dangerous, they could hit a war veteran.

    I aspire to own 5 cars. Maybe then we can organise a Drive To Work Week so i can drive one each day.

  • Rant repped!

  • Well since Street Car, which was pay as you drive, was taken over by Zipcar, which you need to pay an annual fee for, there needs to be a decent car hire scheme which doesn't make you feel you need to drive to get your money's worth

    That's not true, there was a fee before. It was the same amount too.

    I think Zipcar is a decent car hire scheme, if you shop around you can get joining deals with free credit - I think I had to pay the £59.50 but got £40 of free credit. I don't feel at all that I need to drive to get my value for money - £59 a year compared to the cost of owning a car is nothing and is well worth paying for my very occasional use.

    I think Zipcar is part of the solution, not part of the problem.

    I suspect this 'Drive to Work Day' won't get enough support for it to make a difference, given that a lot of people who cycle (such as me) do so partly because we don't own a car, hiring a Zipcar all day would be really expensive and I can't park at work anyway.

    Ironically if it doesn't achieve anything it risks being part of the problem, as more people drive around for no reason, depleting the earth's resources and adding to traffic in the process.

    Perhaps the cyclists who do own cars should consider selling them and joining Zipcar?

  • Good points Fox though Street car was only PAYG when it launched initially which made sense.

    I will not be hiring a car but will be getting a taxi which is within the rules. Whether this really works as a protest will depend on numbers and communication.

    So I am looking for a flag idea which will communicate that

    "today I am in a car driver and really in your way wouldn't you prefer me to be on my bike or in a bus or on the pavement? If so then treat me nicely as I am doing you a favour as well as myself by normally not driving"

    Now Fox. Put that one in an neat little image/logo/flag for us

  • I'm all over this! I don't actually commute into town, but for a special treat I'm going to hire and SUV and drive in!

    just checked out fuel figures. scrub the SUV, I'm gonna hire myself a Bugatti Veyron, 16 cyl, 8.0 L - yeh, that should do the job!

  • does anyone have a car i can borrow ?

  • You're allowed to get a cab. I've emailed green tomatoes cab company to see if they'll offer their services on the day.

    In the meantime I have registered some domain names so will set up a website soon for non facebook people

    Meanwhile more media interest­/please-drive-your-cars-work-say-cycling­-campaigners.html

  • Looking for help designing a poster for this event:­st3134411

  • Surely getting a cab is cheating a bit no ?.....They would be on the road anyhow
    like always.......great idea though.

  • Great idea David and i support it wholeheartedly, but

    "Getting into the spirit, cyclist Dave Rabin said that he is "going to drive really aggressively, do u-turns wherever I like, pull in without indicating, drive with a 1/2 inch gap in front, cut in to queues right before a red light, and overtake without bothering to pull out at all... see how those taxi and van drivers like it"

    who's that idiot?

    i'll be unfortunately on a bike as i don't have a driving licence and don't want to be knocked down by this cretin

    if someone knows him, please pass the message

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London's Drive to Work Day

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