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  • Some cheeky fucker tried to buy themselves a new vacuum cleaner online in the Boxing Day sales with my credit card (they also opted to spread it over four payments which seems idiotic). I hardly ever use it except for big purchases where I want more protection so I'm not sure how they got the details; I actually used it a bit more in the US when I was there last month and they tend to whisk your card away to do god knows what with it so at first I thought that would be the culprit but it's a UK site selling the cleaner. Only online store I remember I used it with recently is Etsy which I'd hope would be secure but I have to admit I no longer have any idea how people straight up steal credit card details any more (as opposed to identity theft which seems more popular). NatWest called me out of the blue saying there'd been suspicious activity, cancelled the card and refunded me so there was no damage to me thankfully but this is the first time I've had the fraud call and was like 'woah that was NOT me buying that'.

  • Friend had iPhone lifted. Seems as though the thief has removed the sim card and successfully posed as said friend in Whatsapp conversations, including asking for a reminder of email address which they then tried to reset the password for - presumably they were hoping to reset via text.

    Difficult to know exactly what was happening, and thankfully it seems like the thief just got a blocked and reported phone, but this seems like a glaring vulnerability in Whatsapp if true. Will now have to be paranoid wondering if people are who they say they are on there.

  • Fuck WhatsApp sky-high.

  • Convenience > Security for most people.

    Also, what @chrisbmx116 said

  • As it happens I deleted it this week. Growing less comfortable being in the Facebook ecosystem.

  • Wouldn't locking your phone solve this issue?

  • You'd have thought/hoped.

    To clarify, this is what we think happened:

    Thief steals phone. Immediately turns it off. Removes sim and places it in another phone. Installs Whatsapp. Whatsapp syncs with the number on the sim. Thief starts receiving Whatsapp messages to that number and is able to respond, and has also messaged contacts from groups (including me) in one-to-one conversations seemingly at will.

    Meanwhile my friend has logged onto iCloud in an attempt to find the phone and it's offline the entire time. He uses his girlfriend's phone to interact with the thief in an attempt to recover the phone. Friend has also reported phone to mobile operator, but thief has continued to be able to use Whatsapp for a period of time afterwards.

  • Oh right, I see. I thought you meant they were using it on the stolen phone.

    Use 2FA, hope that your friends are smart enough to do the same I guess?­0021/?category=5245245

  • I guess no one uses a SIM lock these days?

  • smart enough

    I don't think it's really a case of being smart enough. Should be on by default, but I guess they wouldn't enjoy all the billions of users if they did.

  • If you order a brown thing and the online shop sends you a green thing, that should be covered by the Consumer Rights Act (¬≠regulation/consumer-rights-act) yes?

    Should the buyer be expected to cover the return costs of the wrong-coloured item? It's a coffee table so probably not cheap to send back.

  • Consumer Contracts regs as bought online.

    Not legal advice: But just tell them you haven't been given the item you paid for and they need to provide it. If they want the wrong item back, ask them to pick up at a reasonably convenient time to you.

    If any issues speak to your CC provider, who will generally take it off your bill very quickly and then it's not your problem.

  • Spanks. I've already told her to say it's not as described and to send what was actually ordered but just wanted to confirm I'm not making this shit up.

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Online Fraud, Safe Shopping, Internet Security, Identity Theft

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