LFGSS Ladies Jersey - Wording

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  • Quick recap on the reason for this poll:

    I questioned if we really need ‘ladies’ on the jersey… when we could have ‘women’.

    I’ve been doing archival research into 'the bike, the bloomer and the female cyclist in late 19th century Britain'*. Basically to cut it short, it tells a pretty awesome story of the fight women had to escape the domestic sphere, ride safely (ie. bloomers etc) and challenge draconian Victorian ideals of femininity. Remember this was a time when exercise (as well as education) was viewed as compromising a woman’s health and her potential to reproduce!

    Despite winning many of the freedoms we appreciate today, a number of social restrictions of the time transferred to women on bikes - ie. the construction of 'the lady cyclist’ - with much pressure to appear ‘graceful’, ‘becoming’, ‘neat’, ‘sensible’, ‘charming’, ‘dignified’, ‘modest’, (while a discourse of heroism linked men and cycling with ‘speed’, ‘agility’, ‘performance’, ‘champion’, ‘professional’ ‘skill’ etc).

    My argument is that vestiges of ‘the lady cyclist’ continue today to shape (and limit) who women can be on bikes. How often do we growl about the broad marketing categories of Men’s bikes/cycling (serious, expensive) and Ladies’ bikes/cycling (bit flowery, lower end) etc etc.

    So, my point is, sure, some of us are ladies (sometimes) but we are so much more : )

    This is a chance (using scoot's awesome design) to represent amazing women who cycle.

    • www.cyclingcultures.org.uk
  • Is this an xx only pole?

  • Do you mean is the poll just for women?

    Yep, that was the plan, given it's about the women's jersey.

  • ^ And that include Scoble ;)

  • Yep saw it mentioned in the other thread, just thought it was better reiterated.

  • 'Ladies'. Implies I have class even though it ain't true :-).

    Not fussed what the wording is. It'll be my first cycling jersey.

  • Have two arrows, one pointing up and one down.

    Then label them 'tits' and 'bits'

  • sigh

    Where's my D-lock?

  • gah, I want a checkbox poll, rather than a radio button one (is that even possible, I've never made a poll on here before!) cos there are a couple of options I would be happy to buy and wear...

  • ^ Do you want more than one of the design options listed above?

  • I agree, a multiple tick/ checkbox poll would be better. (It was my first poll and I didn't see much choice in design - is it possible?)

  • ^ Don't fink so.

    'Ladies' on the front, 'On here' at the back could work well.

  • It is possible, but you'll need to create a new poll, you can't change the current one...

    When you are typing in the different options there's a tick box saying something about multiple selections.

    You can try it out here:

  • Thanks Knornight2..... next time : )

  • Years of being in the polo forum teaches you what polls can and can't do!

  • I think you should actually write "leave it blank"

  • I would never wear anything that labels me a lady. I am a 70's old school feminist. The word has too much baggage for us. But nothing or women is fine. I am not one of those kooky hippy feminists who used the word wimmin, but you could include that as an alternative to make them feel included. (please don't take me seriously on that last point).

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LFGSS Ladies Jersey - Wording

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