Leader bikes, frames and questions (735TR, 720)

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  • Just planning a new build for a bit of commuting and the occasional tt and track race .

    Started to really like the leader 725 frames but bumped into a forum thread somewhere where the frames were getting slated for various reasons

    Any other opinions on them

  • Personally I like them. Someone I know had two snap clean in half at the chainstay on both sides, faulty batch apparently

  • Mmmmh that's not good
    The planet x one looks good to
    How are they for every day riding

  • Heard they snap like a twig but theyre so popular it has to be almost a serious minority with those issues.

  • Been riding over 100 miles a week on mine since November and love it.
    Paint job on mine is a bit shitty - but other than that i would recommend them.

  • Not surprised it broke, the angle of the droupouts is all wrong.

  • Is that a joke? You realise the rear fork ends are upside-down in that photo.

  • I've heard their trick frames are a bit snappy but never heard that about the tarck frames. Where's that^^^^ picture from/do you know how it happened?

  • I've been riding a 725 for nearly two years. Done long rides on it, snow, rain, hills, track and commuting. Also crashed it a few times! I've had three fixed gear bikes and the Leader fits me really well. The only problem I've had is recently, where I threaded the integrated seat post bolt.
    They're good value, I would say.

  • "jonnykelly has not made any friends yet"

  • it didnt snap, i was requested to make it none-rideable so i could warranty it (for a third time) without having to send it back again. they dont put enough bond down the aero seat tube so it breaks away and creaks like shit. my mate had a 725 with the same problem. after having this problem on 3 seperate brand new frames i did some more in depth research as i had in the first place and discovered that leader has had this problem since 2009 so i doubt they are going to fix it soon. also they never once acknowledged any of my emails or facebook messages. all in all a poor company which puts very little effort into their frames or customer service.

    gave up in the end got a brick lane blk trk and never had a problem.

    Fuck Leader.

  • I is well and truley put of this brand

    Goner look at the planet x and argon frames

  • anyone recomend which frame to buy from the following

    Unknown lv2/lv3
    La Piovra Lo pro X

  • I've got a Leader 722 with a clear-coat finish and was wondering if I could have a potential issue with rust forming under the clear-coat?

    Should I get it painted to preserve it?

  • ^i thought the 722 is steel?

  • Doh. So it is. My bad, was thinking of the 735.

  • Yeah the 722 is steel. Think it'll be all good?

  • If it's coated, it should be lacquered, which should protect it.

  • ive got a 2013 leader 725 but am unsure of what fork to get, i like the look of the leader forks but cant really afford to shell out for them. ive been looking at the alpina carbon track forks as they are more my price range, could anyone tell me if they are quality? and if theyll work on the leader 725?

    or does anyone have any other suggestions on a cheapish fork suitable?

    im not gunna be riding it on the track much, more for commuting and getting around town ect...


  • I've got these on my 725. Cost £50 on eBay. Still going strong after three years of daily riding and a year on the track last year.

  • I bought an almost brand new Leader 725 a few months ago. Rode it for a month to find the seat start spinning. The inner seat tube has snapped away from the frame.
    I've spoke to BLB and they can't help as it's second hand (I made the biggest mistake ever by being honest and telling them). Leader didn't seem to care, they told me to glue it, and after I told them I was gonna put it in the bin the said "well thanks for your custom" .
    I've spoke to a bundle of different people and no one can seem to help.
    Anyone got any ideas on what I can do? I don't really wanna bin the frame as I paid £200 for it.

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Leader bikes, frames and questions (735TR, 720)

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