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  • I never did a current project for my slave as it evolved, so thought I'd throw together the evolution as it went...

    Les was the starting point....

    Then he was sold to Shinkuu_kiss after I took ownership of the Fort...

    Addition of plastic wheel....

    Then scrapped it for the MASH which wore a few changes...

    Had some great times with the MASH, really fun frame to ride. Kind of lusted after something a little less common, and when Tommmmmmmmmmmmmmm linked me up this ebay US sale, I knew I wanted it.

    Got the Rush Hour Pro today, not had a chance to ride it properly yet, but man, it's a BEAST!

    I'd like to say this is the end of the line.... But never know what's coming...

  • jelly!

  • raleigh needs the other spok

  • I never did a current project...

    You're like the Kingcutter of Slavery.

  • Cool story bro. Looking forward to seeing how it progresses.

    Loved watching the evolution of your Corima as well, Cuntgoslo made me laugh.

  • Good story...I really like the railway station Mash pic/set-up..if only we could see the tri-spoke better without the blue background of that pillar!

  • hed3 front and rear!!!!

  • I thought twin Hed's would be a bit ostentatious....?

  • no, it would be porn, not only in a hhsb-way

  • Will sort it next week.

  • Disc rear wheel...

  • Disc would be fucking rad

  • Cool story bro. Looking forward to seeing how it progresses.

    Loved watching the evolution of your Corima as well, Cuntgoslo made me laugh.

  • Haha

    I meant it in a non-sarcastic way. I hope that^ is TM right now.

  • How many bikes do you actually have?!
    The Raleigh with the Corima would look awesome too.

  • Deffo needs dual Corima

  • So jealous as usual, you won't bump into another rush hour, it must be quite a rare frame over here. The hed and corima pic gets my vote. :)

  • sub'd :)

  • Did you get the rush hour from the states?

  • Yeah it was on eBay US.

  • Malaysian, How are you getting on wth it? and have you tried out some different forks yet? i'm still on the look out for some second hand Alpina's on the cheap.

  • Liking it, you misinformed me. The fork is carbon bladed with steel steerer.... I thus have some Alpina forks that I won't be using.. Didn't get them that cheap in the end, and they've been home drilled, but I'll sell them on for what they cost me if you're interested.

    I think the only thing I'm changing now is maybe acquiring a carbon seatpost.

  • ah furk. sorry man, my bad. hope u didnt shell out too much for them, i would take them foff you but not a fan of home drilling to alpinas. i'm still not convinced they are supposed to be drilled!!

  • Ha no worries fella. They weren't too pricey. I'm pretty sure they are designed to be drilled, like some other forks I've seen that are plugged/filled.

    I'll probably try them on and see if they tighten up the front clearances a bit. (which seems a bit roomy)

  • make sure you take a snap when you do :)

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TM's HHSB...

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