Stiff-up your brush: paint porn

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  • You come to any conclusions about primer?

    Going to try some epoxy primer. Lechler 29107, probably.

    Think you’re doing it with a proper setup, compressor and gun right?

    Yep. And spray booth.

    I’ve painted four frames with a couple different zinc rich primers now

    The Lechler 29107 has zinc phosphate in it, apparently, so hopefully it'll be pretty good at resisting corrosion. Although to be honest, being a bike tart, I'm more concerned about the finish than longevity.

  • ive heard some of the 2k rattle can clears are good

  • @Biggles567 cheers for suggestion, I'll look into it.

  • i found where i heard it, this crazy german guy­mko

    he's entertaining at least, seems sort of clued up. Theres links in the description for the paint/clear

  • He is very good!

  • Is there anyone 'on here' that has access to a shot-blaster?
    I'm getting a frame made with Winston at Varonha and it looks likely that it will delayed because his usual shot-blasters will have to close for lockdown.

    I was wondering if there was anyone who wanted to earn a quick buck and who could do it without breaking the lockdown rules?

  • I wish I had a shot blaster. Aurum might do it for you? Steve's a nice guy, so as long as you can be bothered to get it to Dartford and back he maybe would do it. I'm pretty sure they're staying open, they were open last lockdown.

  • Cheers : )
    Going to Dartford is certainly better than having to wait patiently for exciting things...
    I'll look him up and see what he says, thanks for the tip.

  • .

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  • Gaz, did you get blasted in the end?

  • #retrodirect/glowbike
    Quite like the paint,but love Carradice as a bar bag,any more details on how it is attached?

  • It's just rammed in there to check fit. :)

  • I stumbled upon this here website, where the paint porn rabbit hole goes a long way. If you have any spare time on your lockdown hands, I suggest you check it out.

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  • Forest Green Flamboyant and off white - Argos

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  • literally everything on that website is pure 100% bike porn

  • ma somec

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  • Does anyone know of a good website that shows ral referenced paints applied to tubes? Flat samples on the internets are just so hard to visualise metallic, pearl, on tubes, with light. I know photos on internets won’t show me what they’re really like, but I’d like to see a chart on rounded surfaces.

  • I've acquired a Madone SLR frame - who's the go-to for paint porn these days?

    I obviously had the Porklyn done by Ali at Fatcreations, but I'm trawling t'internet and remain uninspired...

  • Sadly not.

    There's no combination of photography and screen which can accurately show you what the paint will look like. There are so many variables, there can be no reliability.

    It's for this reason of course that there are industry standard colour reference books across print and paint.

    A RAL K7 book has multiple small chips per page to look at but a RAL K5 book has one colour per page and is designed to be bent and warped and moved around to catch those angles. A K7 is under £15 and a K5 is under £40. A sound investment if you're looking to refinish more than one bike in your life. You're welcome to come and view mine at any time. I'm based in Dulwich and I've every industry standard colour reference, some additional specialist books, samples I've painted and of course, tins of product for you to observe. You'd have no obligation to buy; I know wet paint is expensive! Bring a packet of hobnobs and spend an hour whenever you like.

    The premium or higher-end paint manufacturers use 'speed shapes' to demonstrate their products. They're the sort of melted car forms that you see here and there. These have high and low points and curves and contours which won't show you the exact colour you'll get BUT they will show you the range and depth of colour you can expect on a curved surface.

    I'm also more than happy to let you know any colour code of a product I've ever used so if you see something at Quinntessential or Cole Coatings Workshop that catches your eye, I've no issue sharing.

    This forum has been kind to me for many years and I genuinely love to return the favour.

    I hope that helps.

  • I'd like to throw my name in the hat f I may.

    I work at Cole Coatings Workshop and Quinntessential.
    Recent Quinntessential works can be seen here - https://www.quinntessentialcustomsworksh­

    We've got a Domane in at the minute actually which I think is getting something quite pared back but will be impactful alongside other like-for-like frames.

    You're welcome to come visit and look around and chat and talk through your ideas, maybe garner some inspiration from the samples and products and effects we have on site. We all also have great shots on our phones of projects we can't share online so it's worth chatting with any painters IRL if you can.

    All the best refinishers will be able to bring to life any design you have in mind. We can emulate most things. Some will help you realise a design idea if you're leaning on a concept but not sure how exactly to execute it... this is often my favourite bit.

    Its always my personal preference to avoid any type of bike related reference if I'm honest. Most bikes are a combination of stripes and or fades but design, art and graphics are capable of much more.

    I'm big into spoofing and lampooning stuff. Bikes are meant to be fun, why not have a laugh with the paint? I often reference your Porklyn theme when chatting to customers about how to avoid automotive livery cliche (gulf/marlboro/lotus/JPS/martini etc) and find something a little more unique.

    Whilst there are tonnes of people up and down the country there are a plenty of people refinishing bikes others I personally rate both as people and painters are...

    Jack Kingston
    Tom at Kustomflow
    Ewan from Shand (now sadly not painting bikes anymore)
    Billy at Saffron (not sure a private commission would be possible there)
    Ali and Becca at Fat Creations obviously
    Tommy450 (sadly also not painting)
    DrBobby obviously

    There are plenty more but those are the ones who are consistently putting out work I think is considered, unique and most importantly, well-executed from a finishing perspective rather than just being a fun design.

    Hope that helps!

  • Fantastic work I've been following your Instagram posts.
    Bluewhippetpaintworks also I'm my opinion is up there, paint arm of rourke cycles I believe.
    We've really got some great sprayers around the UK.

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Stiff-up your brush: paint porn

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