Stiff-up your brush: paint porn

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  • Awesome! Thanks for the heads up. I might give it a go when the weather gets better. Toothpaste in a syringe might turn out nice and seams easier to manage on bike tubes than washing up liquid.
    I assume they did it in two passes, one on each side due to the curved surfaces.
    There's some videos of spray paint over water on youtube that looks pretty cool but that wouldn't work on a frame.

  • The toothpaste is a little more dense so you might lose some of the paint wiping off the masks.

  • Would the best option be real masking fluid? (I had no idea such a thing existed till you posted tbh)
    Apply wih a brush, paint over and then peel it off?
    A 5 min search online shows it's mainly used in watercoloring, hmmm. Any clue if it would work on metal?

  • I have experience with masking fluid on watercolours. I think it will stick to steel just fine. It feels a lot like tubeless tyre sealant actually and dries up to a rubbery film that you can roll or peel of afterwards.

  • Thanks for the reply man. I saw that it's also sold in 500ml bottles which would be enough. I'll give it some though, have a look online and experiment first before I actually paint the frame.

  • I've used masking fluid when respraying old frames to mask off around some ornate lugs. The fluid I used was a pale blue but dried almost totally clear, making it tricky to see where I'd gone already with my paintbrush, and it I went over the same area again it was easy to accidentally take it back off as it's super sticky.

    Despite my shitty spraying and being a bit fiddly to work with, it did the job and was infinitely easier than using tape to mask around lugs. Would recommend.

  • I'm halfway through something - have done the masking with the fluid but haven't time to finish the painting. You can also get it in a fibre-tip pen which draws ok on bike paint in my case, but I guess also steel. It's called a molotow (­ls/molotow-grafx-art-masking-liquid-pen-­2mm.html). It dries pale blue when the pen is working smoothly but a bit clear when less comes out.

  • Not my cup of tea. Interesting though;


    not my cup of tea, but nuts

  • Impressive skills, but the saddle is probably a bad idea. As for the lightweights... Money trumps taste yet again.

  • 35K apparently so yep, money

    disconcerting orientalisim too

  • It's beautifully done.

  • disconcerting orientalisim too

    What does this mean lol

  • @psee .. @spotter just told me you Hammerite'd a bike in Mild Green, got a pic?

  • Not what I said, i said silver

  • Late reply, but just seen that Rasta Fern - awesome. Had a look on their website at the photo gallery of it, but can't work out what the semi-rack things at the back are for. The world's smallest panniers? No pics of them being used.

  • So paint question here. I need to get some work done on the rear end of a bike, could a competent painter blend in a white fade from the rear into the original dark blue in the front half? Or am I better off just repainting everything?

  • This is a bike I painted in a blue-green for reference

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Stiff-up your brush: paint porn

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