26.0 Compact drop bars?

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  • Nitto do tool so this type of thing.

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  • Remove the clamp bolt and prise open the stem with a flat tyre lever.

  • The bolt and penny trick doesn't work for me, the bolt can't be screwed with something between, but I tried to expand the the diameter with small wrench, but it only get a little bit further and stuck again. I don't know how much pressure I can put on the stem opening, also I don't want to damage the stem.

  • I moved the levers up a bit on my Piegas earlier, which meant taking the bar tape off. The scuff marks underneath reminded me how much swearing was required to get the bars in that 1A.

  • I really have no idea how did you guys put those compact bars in the quill stems lol. That shit looks impossible for me.

  • From memory:

    1. WD40 to help stop it binding.
    2. The stem will only go round with the narrow bit of the clamp in a particular position.
    3. You will need to open the clamp up slightly.
    4. Swearing a lot.
    5. It looks like I filed a little off the edge to stop it catching but that might have just happened when wrestling the bars in.
    6. You have to be rough and it scratches the bars up.
    7. I forget now, but I think there was a maximum length stem I was going to get round. 100mm went on, but next size up wouldn’t have cleared the bend at the other end (which I’m dreading because I want to put the 120mm on mine).
    8. Try it with the stem mounted in the bike. It gives you some leverage.

    Maybe the answer really is to use a 26.4mm clamp stem and shim it. Every little helps.

  • I pried it open really hard with a big flat-head screwdriver. Not a very safe thing to do, but thankfully my stem didn't explode. Took a lot of fiddling and swearing hah.
    Also, what Jonny69 said, do those. Mounting the stem on the bike first is crucial.

  • So I think, I wasn't swearing enough doing this. I'll try again today with stem mounted on the bike, wish me luck guys.

  • Get an open face stem like this.


  • I finally managed to get that handlebar throught, mounting stem on the bike helped a little bit, and some opening with screwdriver get the job done. I'm glad I didn't damaged anything doing this, it goes pretty smooth.

  • What are the shortest reach 26.0 bars?

  • Soma Portola is something for you?

  • Procraft Pro Compact are 70mm.

    Nitto has some weird bars too M103 are 72mm but only 34cm and M104 are 65mm but not compact.

  • Really after some Bontrager ssr vrc or similar? Just swopped my set onto my girlfriends bike and I’m now without bars

  • The MEC are the same as the Procraft.. They are also 70mm reach. They look like there will only be one hand position on the ramps.

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26.0 Compact drop bars?

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