26.0 Compact drop bars?

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  • Anyone got something in 26mm? 42cm preferred

  • Just ordered one of these from the same seller, but I got the message in a day that they have stopped producing these in 25.4. Sad. Anyone else might know a cheap alternative? 25.4 is a must, with a maximum of 80 mm reach.

    Nvm: other sellers have it.

  • *wrong thread!

  • The UNO compact drop bar from eBay has arrived, and even though it is clearly stated in the description and in the title that the clamp diameter is 25.4 mm, it is actually 26.0 mm. Measured with my vernier caliper that hasn't ever failed me yet. So yeah, there's that.

  • Looking for some bars in silver - m106 would be fabulous

  • Nooo! I was gunna buy a set

  • has anyone had any luck with the Dura Ace HS-7400 stem and a 26.0 compact drop bar?

    thanks :)

  • @AndrewG @Fox @LeMesjeu

    which dropbar are you using with DA stem? thanks

  • Are the Deda Elementi Speciale bars any good?

    Does anyone know if they have cable grooves?

  • it depends what you're after... anyway, they certainly appear to have grooves.

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  • The Deda Speciale are not compact shape, more like a traditional Cinelli 64

  • How do y'all mount your ELEMNT on deez 26.0 bars? Shim it?

  • M109aa bars on my commutor now. Love things

  • So apparently Deda Piega bars come in a non-compact, standard ergo style as well (with cable grooves). Needless to say I was pissed beyond imagination, but it feels pretty good after all. It seems like a pretty much standard 90-100 reach 150 drop stuff, although I didn't measure it thoroughly.

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  • Best not go out on the beic if you've been shanting massively.

  • The unpacking happened yesterday, I've cooled down since. :P

  • Hi,
    First of all:

    And now my question. I’m looking for 26mm handlebar with shallow drop, but not exactly compact shape, something like one on the photo. Any sugestions?

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  • Soma HWY One

  • Soma HWY One

    They look typically compact to me, not like the picture:

  • Will be nitro something or other, I had some on my road bike in 26mm like that. No idea on the model number though

  • Fair enough.

  • Soma Hwy One are definitely compact shape. There are a few Nittos that might fit the bill, one that comes to mind is the M185. That’s kind of an old school sort of road bar that assumes you want the tops to slope down at the front a bit. Not totally round like your picture. But has the flat bottom rather than a compact curve.

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  • Jeez a guys allowed to get things wrong once in a while......

  • No harm no foul. Didn't mean to come off as attacking you or anything!

  • There are a few Nittos that might fit the bill, one that comes to mind is the M185

    That has a drop of 140mm. Is that shallow? If so @Shl I have a pair of Nitto Noodles (M177) up for sale, which have the same drop.

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26.0 Compact drop bars?

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