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  • Old tag 'Ox on a cycle rickshaw' mural at Wellington Street, near Canal Street (with it's often modified road sign);

    New tag, been years since I went to Art School, and tonight I discover this just off the Cowley Road;

  • Old tag was Ruskin School of Art on Bullingdon Road.

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  • New tag:
    HEADING Northeast from the last tag you'll find this tree with a story or two to tell.

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  • By the way, Ryan, I like the way you matched the architectural shapes in the last tags.

  • I like the way you matched the architectural shapes in the last tags.

    Haha! I genuinely hadn't intended that.

    However as I am an architect, I suppose my subconscious is stronger than I'd care to admit.

  • Old tag, the 'Storytelling Tree' in Bury Knowle Park, Headington;

    New tag;

    I thought this was a pump-house at first (given lack of windows) however it's proximity to tennis courts suggests use for another racket sport. Further information from anyone 'in the know' would be most welcome.

  • Ha! I've been in that building, I just have zero recollection of where it is.

  • Ha! I've been in that building

    Cool; can you confirm its function?

  • It was a few years ago, but I'm pretty sure it's squash courts unless I'm confused. I'll have to find it to double check :-)

  • So, anyone sussed it out?
    Further clue/s required?

  • abingdon road opposite newton road

  • nice bob jackson BTW

  • I must have ridden past that so many times and I didn't recognise it! The race is on then, who can get their bike there and take a pic.

    Welcome to the forum 12304 :)

  • nice bob jackson BTW

    Thanks, and welcome aboard!

    Who's bagging this tag then? :-p

  • Old was Queens College Sports ground

    abingdon road opposite newton road

    Turns out I was completely confused and I've never been in there.

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  • Hopefully the new tag is pretty obvious to keep things ticking along...

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  • I recognise that place, I just haven't been out on the bike recently due to my fancy light battery dying on me :(

    I've updated the map of locations by the way.

  • Old: Gloucester Green (on a market day)

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  • New: Does Mr. Trump live nearby?

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  • Old tag; corner of Marlborough Road and White House Road.

    New tag:

    Clue: Two Three Eight

  • Old: A lifting bridge over the canal, up by the Nuffield health club.

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  • New:

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  • Old tag; the bridge across Headington Hill near the OBU campus;

    New tag:

    Supermarket sculpture, for those of the Pimms/kale/quinoa persuasion.

  • Old tag: Waitrose on Botley road

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  • New tag:

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Oxford Bicycle Tag of Bike

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