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  • Inspired by the London tag thread at http://www.lfgss.com/thread38155.html I thought I'd try and start one here, there are plenty of interesting places in Oxford to use for this.

    The rules are simple:

    • Look at the last tag
    • If you know where it is, or can find out... get yourself and your bike there
    • Take photo of your bike at the location
    • Go elsewhere and take a photo of your bike at another location
    • Post both photos on here
    • Tell people where the old tag was
    • Don't tell people where the new tag is
    • If needed (obviously non-obvious), offer obscure clues as to the new tag location

    Bike Tag Guidelines:

    1. Old and new tags must have the same bicycle
    2. Old tag isn't taken until the new tag is posted (post them at the same time)
    3. Tags must be within the Oxford ring road (or just outside is ok, don't break the game by posting a location that's miles away,)
    4. Tag locations must be freely accessible to the public
    5. No reflection porn
    6. No blank or near blank walls

    Map of previous locations (Thanks to Chris Jones) can be found here: https://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF&m­sa=0&msid=209184670618080014601.0004de56­0f1af8d962d49

    I'll start with this pic, not the prettiest location in Oxford but it's an easy one to start with.

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    • biketag1.JPG
  • Old photo is off the Botley rd on the Osney industrial estate. New photo is near some old stuff...

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    • 20120811_185015.jpg
    • 20120328_162853.jpg
  • That's some very fast tagging.

  • I knew this photo would be posted.

    Yo dawg, I heard you liked bike tag photos, so we took a bike tag photo of a bike tagger taking a bike tag photo so you can tag while you mysteriously change tyres, one wheel, a brake caliper, headset spacers and remove your bottle cage on your way to the next location!

    John has so many pictures of his bike he's going to play this game without ever leaving his house!

  • Lol


    Old: Outside the Museum of Natural History, strangely the display of Amazonian tree trunks has disappeared and some building work has popped up since yesterday!

    New: An Oxford sculpture that takes art to new highs.

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    • 2012-08-19 15.04.25.jpg
    • 2012-08-19 15.37.16.jpg
  • I will have to leave my house for that one, although I wouldn't need to take another picture after...

  • Shark through the roof of 2, New High Street, Headington...

    new tag is both new and old...

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    • tag2.JPG
  • Awesome. Was always jealous of the London and Cambridge versions...

    Still, not sure where that one is.

  • Will be watching with interest.........Peter - Cambridge

  • Old was dedication pedestal at museum of natural history.

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    • IMG_0657.jpg
  • Old was Osney lock

    New one sticks with the aquatic theme

  • Damn You...

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    • untitled shoot-0106-79_small.jpg
  • Old was Isis Lock.

    New is a bridge again but this part isn't over water

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    • IMG_0660.jpg
  • Old was on the railway bridge that also passes over the Hinksey Lake.

    New is back a bit more central.

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    • LFGSS (1 of 2).jpg
  • Old tag is Rhodes House on south parks road

    New one is pretty easy I think:

    I saw a guy doing a wheelie on a fixed gear near queens lane the other day - was that one of you guys?

  • I like this. A lot.
    Will be adding to it when next in Oxford I think.

  • needs a map like the London edition?

  • Made a map!


    Anyone should be able to update it.

    To get the numbered pins, click the pin in the window that opens when you place one, then click "Add an icon" and put in the following link:


    The last number of that link is the number that will be displayed on the pin so update it each time.

    (Numbered pins stolen from the london map set up)

    I think that's it, shout if something doesn't work.

  • Great stuff!

  • Old photo was Bodleian Library.

    New one is purple Walkers Crisps (hopefully that's a reasonable clue)...

  • Old one is Worcester College (end of Worcester place)

    New one is new but not really that new.

  • Old one was Queen Lane

    New one is north but South

  • Have I managed to kill our tag game?

  • ^No way, "New one is North but South" is a great clue

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Oxford Bicycle Tag of Bike

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