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    Looking to get into Cyclocross this winter and don't want to spend a lot on a new bike? Here's a good one for a low price. I used this one for about 20 rides last winter and the one before, now I found a Colnago CX bike I'd like to sell this one.

    It needs some regreasing, cables, BB maybe and the brifters are mismatched (8 speed DA right, Ultegra double left), but it all feels and works well. Comes with as new 35mm Conti tyres, Frog Legs brakes, Dura Ace cranks, rear derailleur and seat post. 105 hubs laced to Mavic rims. You'll get a new PRO headset with it too, I was planning to install that last autumn but then bought the other bike.

    Seat tube 55cm c-t
    Top tube 55cm c-c

    More pics here.

    Yours for 285 Euros delivered to the UK/most of the EU

  • Peter

    You missed out the sizing info. Looks small (50ish) but can you advise?

  • d'oh! knew I forgot something...

    certainly not 50 ish, I'm 6' and inside leg 87cm. bars are 44cm wide

    get back in a minute

  • It's a 55 square (seat tube measured c-t, top tube c-c)

  • Thanks, too big for a shortarse like me.

  • good luck hunting down the right one Ramaye, CX is a lot of fun

  • I am looking at a spare for the pits. I'm expecting (hoping for) a muddy season this year so a quick swap after half an hour for a clean bike would be nice.

    Hoping for mud after the dust fest that was last season.

  • CX is supposed to be muddy, I agree!

    In case anyone is wondering about the quality of this frame, world champions have ridden it.

  • prov. sold

  • buyer never showed up, for sale still/again...

  • price


    get muddy this autumn/winter for just 275 euros posted

  • Sold


For Sale: Empella Bonfire complete aluminium CX bike

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