Texting While Driving - On the phone drivers!

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  • I've had this happen to me more than once at traffic lights.

    Even whilst wearing this plus 3 rear lights

  • Even whilst wearing this plus 3 rear lights


  • https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-be­ds-bucks-herts-46178604

    "Using your mobile phone next to a marked RPU car at traffic lights will earn you a chat". Erm, no. Just book the twat and seize the vehicle (that they did for the other offences isn't the point). No wonder nobody gives a shit about texting at the phone at the wheel, if the cops don't either.

  • I don't get you - they wrote that they booked him for the phone use, no?

  • I suppose I read it as - it would only have been a warning without the rest of the offences on top. Maybe my mistake then.

  • Nah, they booked him for the phone so that's probably a fine and 6 points, plus a bunch of other shit, which all added up means bye bye license.

    Personally it should be immediate, no questions ban if you're going to drive drunk or distracted.

  • Doubt phone use will go anywhere, no insurance and two bald tyres are 9points and 3 points each.

    Lesson is poor obs??? And maybe if he wasn't texting he would not have been caught.

  • I read it as that.

  • Dearest Hippy,

    Your naivety makes me smile, he won't lose his licence. His very expensive solicitor will sort that. He'll have a hard life with out a licence..

  • Not naive at all. I'm well aware of the bullshit 'penalties' dished out for motoring offences, as if anything done in a car doesn't really count. "Personally" ie. 'If I was in charge'

    Actually if I could do anything it'd be immediate crushing of the car and a life ban.

  • I agree with you.

    It is forgotten that having a car on the public highway is a privilege.

  • Blimey. Lots this afternoon on a delayed commute in, must be the different crowd to the morning rush-hour commuters (where only 1 in 10 of them are on a phone). Would be nice to shop them all if I had a camera (I have several but no helmet means no easy head mounting option without looking even more of an idiot).

    One supermarket delivery bloke got a bit shirty when I banged on his window though.

  • Personally it should be immediate, no questions ban if you're going to drive drunk or distracted.

    Breaking the law in a car is so normalised now that'll take something extreme to stop it.
    You'll probably not get caught using your mobile whilst driving, but if you do you get caught you have your license taken off you for a year. Cause an accident whilst driving on the phone and be banned for life from driving kind of thing.

  • Was in LA a couple of weeks ago. About half the drivers there seemed to be fiddling with their phones at any given time with no attempt to hide it (and not just at a standstill in traffic). That combined with the prevalent dickhead MGIF attitude where everyone changes lanes constantly without signalling to make up 10 metres of space made me glad I wasn't cycling or using one of the stupid Bird scooters because either seemed totally lethal.

  • will try and get a snap from now on, does anyone know if public pictures are useful as police evidence?

    Interesting comment from 6 years ago.

    Just came across this https://gosafesnap.wales/ as a case study in the CWIS response (p13)

    And this proposal in the CWIS document:

    4.22 Several of the activities proposed in the Action Plan seek to improve levels of compliance with the law and rules of the road
    through education, the legal system and good infrastructure design.
    These include: investing £100,000 to support the police to develop a
    national back office function to handle video and photographic
    evidence submitted by the public;

  • Wahoo!

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  • Wrong thread!

  • I snitched and got someone pulled over by the pigs earlier. 5-0 van was in the right turn lane at some lights, I was rolling towards the same lights in the wide left lane, a car pointlessly cuts in and stops at the lights in left lane. I was just going to do the "give them evils when they make eye contact but get on with my day" but the driver looks dead ahead for a bit then checks her phone. I roll forward a little bit to look over at the dibble and give them a classic 🖐️🤙👉, they watch her for a few seconds then wind the window down and tell her to pull over after the lights, then give her a flash of the blues as she pulls off. I ride past her car like the smug bastard I am.

  • strong.

  • may your rims never see a brake pad xoxo

  • Discs for life m9.

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Texting While Driving - On the phone drivers!

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