Texting While Driving - On the phone drivers!

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  • The penalty isn’t tough enough

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  • London, everyone does it.

  • When I commuted on the motorbike, slow moving (sub 15mph) was a nightmare to filter, people would be all over the road whilst using phones. I ended up beep ing or tapping on the glass. Wish I had a camera to take plates/ faces and report it all.
    No excuses for having a mobile in your hand whilst in control of a car.

  • It's when you read about cunts watching movies in them and having a tug at the wheel that you realise as a species our stupidity is matched only by our selfishness...

  • 😂😂

  • Lulz.
    Much better than the cunt I saw texting, smoking and breaking the speed limit earlier.

  • Followed a guy having a full video call with his misses down a busy road a few weeks back, tried to get attention of a police car (I was on an mc) to alert them to such twattyness, but they were doing pretty much the same on a tablet thing.

  • Guy yesterday texting, smoking and speeding all at the same time.

  • Is there an echo in here?

  • Is there an echo in here?

  • Thanks for the reminder. Reported another guy just now for mobile use couple of days ago.

  • Out of interest what does that involve, and what is the usual response?

  • It usually involves me spending 3min filling out the Roadsafe form and since I generally don't bother with supplying my own information I have no idea what the response/action is.

    For more malicious stuff I have supplied my details and once I got a call saying they were going to look into it further but I really don't know. I hope it might be used in prosecution or perhaps if enough people report the same idiots, the cops might do something.

  • Lol, double drunk posting.

  • Yep easy to spot the inability to drive in a straight line. Not exactly subtle...

  • Was once nearly driven over by a university proffesor of wankogoly, guy was so I grossed in his phone convo and adjusting touch screen controls on his jaaaaaaaag that he completely failed to notice the motorbike and rider right in front of him.
    Borderline illegally loud horn got his attention, but all he did was adjusted his course to bump over a pavement and come extremely close to squishing a young Asian student against a brick wall. And then fucked off at speed.

    Reported it to the uni (know many folk there) who apparently took the action of revoking his parking permit as a few weeks later noticed his car was constantly covered in parking fines from the uni.

  • Saw some utter cunt driving down High Holborn in his R8 on the phone. Personalised plates for extra wanker points.

  • Got driven into the back of at the weekend by a woman who I can only assume was on her phone.
    I'm on the motorbike with girlfriend on the back and we're stopped at a red and her car was waiting behind me at the red. Lights are about to change so I tilt the bike to the right a bit so I can lift my left foot to shift to first ready to go. When I try to get the bike back straight I realise it won't go. So I'm stuck leaning over. Look behind and her car is firmly wedged up against my rear wheel.
    She just sits there, not saying sorry, not saying anything, just sat plain faced. Unbelievable really

  • She just sits there, not saying sorry, not saying anything, just sat plain faced. Unbelievable really

    The metal shell protects them from everything - including the need to be a normal decent human being

  • She didn't reverse back to free me either. I had to roll forward with the bike leant over at an angle to free myself from the clutches of her Nissan's hungry front bumper.

  • Same happened to me at the ASL just in front of Clapham South station. A people carrier completely crushed my rear wheel. The driver did apologise and I got a decent insurance pay-out for it, but it was a bit of a WTF moment.

  • I've had it before too in an ASL but the white merc driver (instant red flag) just denied it.
    "you just drove into me, WTF?"
    "no I never"

  • Most people think they are better than average drivers, so when the curtain falls and they are revealed as the incompetent fuck-tards they are, their brains just shut down.

  • I am better that the average as I don't use my phone while driving.

    Partner seems to think she can drive and use the phone with no hands free. We argue over this, as I don't want to speak to her while she is driving.....

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Texting While Driving - On the phone drivers!

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