TM's Steel Evolution - Panasonic NJS to Donohue 853 RAD

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  • In my eyes, very sensible.

    I don't have an allweather bike.

    I got an HHSB, a french track, a lo-pro funny beik, a shop-biek and a colnago esa frame.

    My dad found a Crescent 309 in good nick which I will turn into a kickback-rando. I'm getting older ffs.

  • Well, needs must, riding to work every morning in the rain and getting a soaking arse and wet feet ain't the best!

    Once the summer comes, it'll be 4 spoke and integralters all day & nite.

  • As sensible as a brakeless all weather commuter can be...

    ...and you'll probably still get wet feet as Raceblades aren't long enough.

    Try Crud Road Racers or SKS Longs (if you can get them to fit) for much moar dry feet.

  • ^ somehow I thought johnnyhotdog was Gaston and thought - 'He's gotten quite good in the english language' lol.

  • ^ somehow I thought johnnyhotdog was Gaston and thought - 'He's gotten quite good in the english language' lol.


  • Do you not have a Broadman for commuting?

  • ...and you'll probably still get wet feet as Raceblades aren't long enough.

    Or put the rear raceblade on the front.

  • I've been looking at this again for inspiration for my new one, but it just doesn't compete. So good.

    I was looking for Donohue decals on Ebay but the standard ones wouldn't look right on the bigger downtube.

    How did you get the decals out from underneath the lacquer on the seatpost by the way?

    And any progress on the road bike build?

  • Sanded the seatpost to take the lacquer back, ended up rubbing off the logos that were underneath, then re-lacquered. 30 min job.

    All parts for the road bike are acquired, just awaiting assembly. Have done some measuring and come to the conclusion that this...

    ...should fit, giving me 7mm more reach than on the pink dolan, and I wanted a more stretched out fit.

    Got these coming for the fixed, have wanted to try some flat crown track forks on since I got it, I'm hoping these are typical euro short rake. Should look decent with a ti quill and some risers.

    As for decals, I reckon you're best off getting a decent photo off the net and having someone like Roboto vector it and cut you decals. If I paint either of mine, I'm going to remove the "Paul" and just go for Donohue a bit like the paint on ltc's purple one.

  • I dunno about those steel forks, I think they're a bit vintage compared to the frame which is likely to be early 2000s.

    I'm looking forward to your double Donohue pictures. What kind of forks does the road one have?

    There are some Donohue decals at H Lloyd which aren't too bad, I might plump for them.

  • Road Donohue has woundups.

    Pretty sure the frame is 90s.

    Will be adapting the ck to use quill, will be changing between steel forks with quill and woundups and other bar choices to suit. Always wanted to try some flat crown track forks on there... Think they should be tidy.

  • TM, just to clear it up, the forks are actually these:

    So quite tight, will look good.

  • Yeah, they look good there. With a 25c gp4000s should be tight enough! Lovely shape to them. What happened to the fook?

  • Also I forgot, I need a 1" threaded CK headset to complete the road bike, forgot that's what was holding up completion. Budget around £50.

  • ^I also need one of those hehe.

    Sold the Frame on the forum with some different forks (which could take a brake and some bigger tyres, 28c).

  • So, road bike should be getting built this weekend! It's been a long time coming, but I'm back on the bike after recovering from fractured verterbrae and the weather is looking up, excited to get onto something other than the Boardman.

    I got a DA headset through the forum, the crown race is fucked but I have a less damaged one at home I'm going to try and straighten out. Also, I was a bit worried about the reach with the stem, struck lucky and have managed to procure this, 110mm one from rodabod, which should be perfect for now. I'll probably switch to the longer one later in the summer when I'm less fat...

    Needs a bit of a clean, a new bolt and a top cap, but will fit!

    So build will consist of...

    Donohue 853 frame
    Dura Ace 7800 group
    DT Swiss wheelset
    Ultremo ZX tyres
    Spin Ti post
    Selle Italia SLC
    Grammo Ti stem
    Nitto M106 bars
    DSP Tape
    DA 7410 headset
    and some atacs, until I get round to ordering speedplays...

    I'm excite.

  • This should look lovely mate!

  • Sickkkkkkkkk.

    Question - how did you fracture your vertebrae? :/

  • I think the red is going to look ok with the woundups and silver parts, taken a while for me to come to terms with it

    Injured myself snowboarding innit.

  • Can't wait to see the road bike built up.


  • Love matching track and road frames, especially the two above, when did you get the track frame ? Only followed the road build thread

  • Thanks! I only got it a couple of weeks ago, I'm going to give it a go on the track at the weekend and see how it is but I fear it may be a bit too big.

    I got a promising lead on one the same size as my road bike this evening, and apparently it used to be the same colour my road bike was when I bought it as well.

    TM's tarck bike still edges it for me though, it's a really nice build.

  • Ouchies! Looking forward to the build!

  • those 853z though

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TM's Steel Evolution - Panasonic NJS to Donohue 853 RAD

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