Peugeot Fixed Conversion

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  • Hi all,

    Purchased this bike just over a year ago now for a whopping £10! Got bored of riding gears and am now looking to convert it to a fixed!

    I will post a pic when im on the computer, im looking for a bit of help as im a bit of a bike newbie! Im hope to convert it into a half decent fixed to ride to and from work 14 mile round trip! Any and all help appreciated!

    My first question is, is there anyway i can get rid of the quill stem and use a standard headset?

    Im alsp really struggling to locate a chainset and or BB for this bike as i dont really have a clue what im looking for!

    Im on the look out for parts people as well, so have a look in my wanted ad!

  • My first question is, is there anyway i can get rid of the quill stem and use a standard headset?

    I'm no expert, but for this I think you will need threadless forks with a 1" steerer, and then a 1" aheadset such as -­d-threadless-1-inch-headset/

    And then obviously a stem with a 1" steerer clamp.

    Disclaimer - This may be completely wrong.

  • You can do as jamesprw says or you can simply buy an adapter 1" to 1"1/8
    like this. That's much cheaper but also heavier.

  • Think i have confused my words here, i want rid of the quill stem so that i can have a normal stem, not headset. My bad guys!

    So, if i buy a new headset, that will then allow me to use a normal stem and oversize bars etc?

    Thanks for the quick response, Oh and heres the bike picture!

  • a new headset will not change anything. You won't find 1" quill stems on which oversize bars can be fit.
    What do you mean by "normal stem"? It's either quill stem or headset stem.
    In my humble opinion, you should keep your money since headset stem and OS bars on this old budget bike would look like shit.

  • I think i will just stick with the quill stem like you suggested, Now onto looking for a BB, and a crankset.

    Think i am going to buy a black deep V rear wheel as i have found one nice and cheap, does anyone else know of any other budget wheel sets? Saw some quite nice weinnman ones the bay for £70. Ideally looking for white wheels.

  • The price of some of their bikes makes it look like its not even worth converting my peugeot, might as well buy a new bike for those sort of prices!

  • So yesterday after work i ventured to Waterloo and then to Peckham to pick up some bits!

    Managed to pick up a SS wheel, crankset, handlebars and a saddle!

    Massive thanks to everyone i met, got given some wicked advice, and just shows how awesome the forum is!

    So today i put all the bits on, here she is now!

    Just got to get a new chainring, new pedals + Straps, brake calipers, a chain and Aero Levers.

  • That saddle really needs levelling!

  • Thats my bad, i was in a rush! it will be levelled

  • Agreed on the saddle, the seatpost is the wrong way round as well unless you're inspired by Gaston.

    I quite like those bars.

    It's just a budget bike (and a bargain at £10), so this doesn't matter at all, but I think a nice (matching) silver wheelset and silver cranks would look better. I think that's almost always the case with classic steel frames, they are never improved by deep-section coloured wheels.

    This bike has a really nice paintjob as well (please don't do anything daft like spray it matt black), and those bits would set it off really nicely. Are you going to use a brake?

  • I will be using a break, im building it to beater spec just to try out fixed, Hence the RS30 front wheel i had laying about, and the unmatching parts.

    if i fall in love with it, which i most likely will i will build her up with much nicer bits.

    I love the paintjob, i nearly sold this bike, but just couldnt bring myself to do it!

    there is a slight wobble in the rear wheel, anyone got a clue what this might be?

  • buckle? or loose cones?
    nice build i like it :D

  • Loose cones i think, any idea how to sort it?

    Thanks mate :)

  • I really like what you've done here.

    I'm in the middle of doing my own using the same model frame as yours but in red.

  • Thanks mate :), nothing better than people complimenting your build!

    Good luck with it mate, im sure it will look sweet!

    I have just ordered a new chainring, jagwire cables and SS chain so will get these popped on asap.

    Now just looking for a new front caliper and an aero lever.

  • Aero like the TT style! So tempted to even get some. TT bars for the frame! Fixie vintage style!

    Ill have a look at tightening the cones on the wheel tomorrow!

  • ooo good stuff should make for a funky build! thats the cheapest i could find em ;)

    good luck! if you get stuck i'm sure your lbs will help (:

  • I tightened them up and they seem fine now, thans for the video buddy.

    Does anyone know how the cabling goes for the TT aero levers, as my current bars dont have holes drilled in them, so if its internal i might be struggling!

  • reminds me of mine...­4/6035800034/

    apologies for not drive-side, i took it to 'shop bits on, not to go public! (geeky i know)

  • cool :) think they can go eather depending what ones you get? don't quote me haha
    i wouldn't recomend drilling your bars btw scarry as hell when they snap!

  • Nice build man, looking good

  • Hey tom, nice build, looking pretty good. Stick some pics up after you get the aeros sorted. What's next on the to-do list?

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Peugeot Fixed Conversion

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