SRAM Automatix 2

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  • Anyone familiar with the hub?

    Girlfriend is looking for a new commuter and I saw a complete with the said two-speed option.

  • these look really interesting as you dont need to push back on the pedal to change gear like with the sturmey s2. Has anyone tried one?

  • has a coaster brake which some people may not like.

  • yes it does. I want to try one out, details are hard to come by - does anyone know what size the hub is spaced for?

  • 120 OLN out of the box, but can be respaced to 130.

  • Want to bump this, anyone used one? Any good?

  • Bump.

    Anyone tried this yet? Any feedback?

  • Interested in getting one also. Pretty light in comparison to the SA. It seems they have not been released yet. Shall wait and see.

  • good heavens, does anyone have a review of one yet?

  • Not used this particular hub but I own a Sachs T3 (I believe Sachs became or was swallowed up by SRAM and so the Sachs and SRAM hub gears are very similar) and the built quality and reliability cannot be faulted. Much better than the modern Sturmey equiv which I also own and probably slightly better than the old school Sturmey I previously owned.

  • This guy reviewed it, didn't like it, modded it, loved it:­w/

  • sterling work, thanks Sparky

  • No worries. I'm kinda tempted by one myself.

  • I am going to build one up with a velocity deep V. I will be using it as something different to my rear fixed wheel.

    Will update once built and ridden.

  • Adscan, how did you get on with the Automatix?

  • Adscan, how did you get on with the Automatix?

    Still not built yet. It is sitting in the box on the shelf. I sold the bike it was for.

  • Thinking about getting an automatix plus this disc brake adaptor to help me with the norwegian hills. Will probably pull the trigger next payday and report back when its all up and running

  • the problem with these hubs is that they change gear far too early, I could get mine to change gear on the first revolution of the cranks, it certainly wasn't any help on the hills either, and it is noticeably heavier and slow to engage.

  • I have one of these on my old Cove which I now use for a commuter hack.

    Played around with the cogs and settled with 16 at back and 34 up front.
    From a standing start(say a traffic light) the 2nd gear kicks in around 3/4 through the intersection for a nice fast break from the rest of traffic. The 2nd gear is quick enough on my setup to leave me with plenty of space.
    When powering into hills I find the 2nd gear a bit too high, but after a slight pause the gear drops back and I have myself (on my set up) a great little climbing gear.

    Mainly this bike is travelling from Couch End to Farringdon so gets a fair mix of decent hills and flats.

    I bought the coaster brake version built into some SAS rims and they have been up for a couple of months with no problems.
    Bit disappointed with the lack of service info available though but overall pretty happy they could bring back to life a sweet old frame I have been hanging on to.

  • The changing point can be "adjusted" with a little fettling.

  • The changing point can be "adjusted" with a little fettling.

    do you have experience with this hub?

  • this guy adjusted it:­w/

    sounded too complicated for me so I left it

  • Just choose a good chainring/cog combo and this is unnecessary.

  • 16 at back and 34 up front.

    I wanted to go faster not slower!

  • If you read a bit about the adjustment and look at the pictures its super easy, just bending a spring. It helps if you're familiar with hub gears but this one is so simple I'd say a careful newbie could manage it.

    I got a nexus 7 speed for free so using that for now instead of going with the automatix

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SRAM Automatix 2

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