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  • I'll just have to experiment, as I've never used a trailer before. I have a couple of 11-34t cassettes sitting around which I'd use with possibly a 38 or 40t chainring.

  • A Rohloff would be nice, but it's never going to happen :-(

  • SA 3 speed? If you get a wider ratio one or have a smallish front chainring.

  • ^ Something to consider when I replace the wheels. Is there a disc version?

    Though I suppose an Alfine 8 isn't exactly prohibitive in cost, so I might go that way.

  • On the other hand, I've got a Y-frame I haul around with a Kona Sutra, and I only ever change down uphill when I'm feeling lazy. I reckon you could manage SS if you were geared low and didn't have any long uphill grinds around. The momentum tends to punch you most of the way up short, sharp stuff, and it's a light trailer anyway.

    Harold - recumbent trike or upright? Definitely agree with gears on laid down stuff, but then you haven't got the option of putting your body weight through the pedals.

  • The new frame should be coming next week and I ordered the trailer yesterday. I'm going to go SS initially; somewhere around 60 GI and see how it feels. The only hills around here that could be awkward are around the city, but I'd be less inclined to use the trailer for those trips anyway.

    Thankfully there are no hills on the way to any of my regular shops :-)

  • I always run geared with a trailer (and also on the Ute come to think of it), but then I do have some hills, even if moderate around here. The trailer might be light, but what you put on it won't be. But if it's all flat then it might be fine. Be prepared also for the pull me, push me effect of a loaded trailer if your spinning of the pedals isn't very smooth. One great part of running a trailer is that it teaches you that riding anywhere but primary isn't an option.

  • If I still lived in Devon then I'd be gearing up without a second thought. Living in Norfolk now has some advantages. If I don't like it then it's a quick fix.

    I'm rather looking forward to taking up more of the road.

  • BareNecessities, thankyou for contributing such an interesting and enjoyable project.
    I was looking to obtain a 29er put some drops on it and try more off roading.
    As I get older, being on a road bike begins to lose its apeal - I get slower and slower.
    I like the idea of rides being steady and fun over a variety of terrain. I know surly frames are a bit on the heavy side. How do you find the weight of the ogre? Is it something I should be concerned about? (my frame size would be 22")

  • Hey Ian, no it's not a light bike ( about 28lb ), which is quite heavy for a fully rigid SS. I don't notice this weight when riding it though. I think having reasonably light wheels and fast rolling tyres makes all the difference.

    The new Ogre will be have more road orientated tyres in the form of Halo twin rail 2.2". I've used these before in the 26" version and really like them.

    If you're set on running drop bars, then I'd recommend looking at a drop bar specific bike such as the Salsa Fargo or Singular Gryphon, as they both have the shorter top tube and longer head tube that would accommodate drops better.

    Not to say that drops wouldn't work on the Ogre, but it might be worth your while looking at bikes that are designed to be used with them.

  • The trailer is here :-)

  • Nice.

    Get gears though.

  • Maybe.

    Got to build myself a box now.

    Well, eventually :-/

  • Salvage (steal from outside Tescos) a friut case, and zip-tie the feck out of it. That way you wont be bothered about damaging it.

    Also the collapsable sides mean your not restricting your load size.

    You can get a similar set-up in wood. But thats usually Euro-pallet sized. I have a euro pallet with stackable side wall sections, which are hinged at each corner so they pack flat when not being used. Pretty sure I've seen a similar thing in wood.

  • Hmm.. I think I've got something similar ( non-collapsible though ) laying around somewhere.

    I bet it's full of bits of wood :-/

  • I have a great box made out of plywood. with metal reinforced edges. So not too heavy but solid. probs 1 meter x 1/2 meter, and 1/3 meter tall. Salvaged it from work. Wish I did'nt.

    You can have it.

    .....collection only

  • Cheers furry. I'll head over as soon as I've bought that moonlander I keep looking at ;-)

  • New frame is here.

    Should hopefully build it up next week.

  • Nice - look forward to seeing that. I'm thinking of getting one as an insurance replacement for this one that was stolen.... thinking of Alfine 11, Woodchipper bars - a do-everything build!

    btw - what size are you/what size did you go for?

  • It's the 24" XXL frameset and I'm 6'7".

    I didn't really get on with Woodchippers when I had them ( not on the other Ogre )

    If you want to see a variety of builds, including drop bar and hub gears, there's loads on this mtbr thread.­737340.html

  • Post-apocalypse build? I hear they're the hawt look for this season.

  • Best to be prepared. I'm already stockpiling spare parts ;-)

  • ^^ I tried the woodchippers on a friends Fargo - found them interesting and pretty comfortable, certainly better than the midge...

    I'm only 6'2 so thinking of going for the 20" which I reckon should be about right with the drops and a 110stem....hopefully!

  • Nice love the colour.

    Did'nt realise it had anything cage mounts on the DT. Nice touch.

  • That colour combined with my camo riding gear ( kidding ) should keep me pretty stealthy when in the forest ;-)

    There are a lot of mounts on this thing! The only ones on this frame that I think are missing are crud catcher mounts?

    I have my new tyres now and have cleaned up and disassembled the LHT, so can hopefully find time to put it together next week. I'll give the wheels some TLC first though.

    *Looks forward to tweaking nipples and greasing balls this weekend!

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Surly Ogre

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