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  • Before I get slated i did UTFS but couldn't find what I'm looking for. Apologies if i'm reviving an old thread

    I currently have a pair of mks sylvan track pedals on my bike and I have a couple of problems with them:

    1. I'm a size 11 and there too narrow for my sideshow bob feet.
    2. They're too grippy, if there is such a thing! I can only ride them with worn out runners, anything with grip on the sole and I can't get my feet into the clips (also MKS)

    So I'm looking for something wider with less grip. Any advice?

  • mks gr 9's perhaps? prob not wide enough though, i found them quite narrow on my measly uk8's

  • mks ar2 seems to be without the little peg on the outside, could be good­dals/

  • Used to have a pair of these before which i really liked, worked will with sneakers­834368_9ce2de2639.jpg

  • right then, back to work perhaps

  • Work's boring. What about BMX pedals with clips? Loads of room on those, and you can remove the pegs to make them less grippy

  • What size clips are you using? Also, what shoes? IT sounds like you are wearing running shoes, and if so yes, the rough/studded treads on the soles will get caught on the edges of the pedals (and they also are very wide). Maybe try a smoother-soled shoe? I have about the same size foot, use MKS Sylvan track and L size MKS clips with these shoes:

    and have no problems (above is the Quoc Pham fixed shoe).

  • @kboy Thanks man!

    Yea i think the g9s are about the same width. Those Dura Ace pedals are sweet but waaay out of my price range!

    I was using a set of DMR v12s before and they worked a treat. I wanted some foot rentention though so i got a pair of restraps. I couldn't get used to them, again the big feet doesn't help. I never thought about removing the pins and adding clips, that might work.

    @ pharoahsanders

    My clips are LL. They might be a bit long actually as they scrap off the ground when I wheel the bike.

    I wear nikes, a few different pairs, but yea they're all very grippy.

    That shoe looks like it'd do the trick but i don't really want to get cycling specific shoes, i reckon i'd be better going clipless if i was to go down that route

  • Onza Double cage Pedal

    These are wider than MKS Sylvans and grippy without being excessively grippy like DMR V8's or BMX pedals. I had them for a while, pretty good.

  • I've asked in the AQA thread but will use this thread to ask too, anyone know of a decent source of size large or xl toeclips to fit shimano 600 pedals?

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Pedal Advice

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