Modern groupset on old frame

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  • Yesterday I swapped my old SR five arm chainset for a new four arm one, now running 52/36 rather than 53/39. Maiden century this morning and all good. Also swapped out the Shimano silver cable stops for some black unbranded ones that were shared somewhere or other on this forum. Would like to get a Deda super leggero post to match the bars and stem if anyone’s selling? I will also swap the Evolution for a Composit once it arrives.

    It was a lovely ride, despite the cold and being absolutely covered in bird shit from a great height. The bird had obviously ingested a lot of berries from the colour of its excreta, either that or they’d been on the Guinness last night.

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  • Couple of bikes posted recently with fairly neat ahead stem converters.

    Whats the product of choice?

  • Threadless fork!

  • Crapsticks. Ta

  • Always a fan of your bikes although I'm gonna stick with my preference for the old five arm chainset, these new ones just look clunky and the arms look stuck onto the rings. But yeh, 52/36 is nicer to ride.

    Aesthetic criticism, but that's what this thread's all about right?

  • I hear you.

    I used to feel the same, but since having fitted one on my Look I’ve really come round to them and think they work well with carbon rims and black finishing kit.

    Also, the cost of new rings and bearings for the five arm is not far off the cost of what I paid for a brand new four arm chainset. Plus you’ve also got the fact that you can only run a max 29 on the back, my knees appreciate the option of 36 over 39 up front when riding over bigger lumps.

    The four arm design and the fact you’re not limited by bcd in the way you are with a five arm design is for me a bit like the flag of Switzerland - a big plus.

  • yes, it fits

  • If you're going to use a converter, it's Innicycle or bust.

  • When I was looking for a fork for my Leader AX I just got a used one and replaced the steerer.

    Maybe they did the same.

    Edit: just read the rest of the thread 😅

  • Inncycle indeed.
    High quality stuff.

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  • THAT crankset .... Need one in my life, always miss out on them, is that also the 9speed rear derailleur ? (last version of record 9s i think)

  • 90 Koga Flyer.
    Potenza except Period Record Crankset,
    12-32 39/53

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  • Well it seems to me OG fork is best, so quill will stay...

  • The whole bike is on sale :-/

  • Haha yes but i cant imagine the price ! I bet it is crazy

  • Why? These frames are nothing really special

  • Was thinking £1300 😅

  • Oops sorry I thought you guys were talking about the Koga

  • Not that old frame. Road Logic early 2000

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  • ahh :) I was wondering indeed!

  • All totally valid, though I hadn't realised there is a 29 limit. Maybe for campag cassettes but I get by with an ultegra 11-32 and no issues.

  • Ooof that's nice

  • So so good. I think the early-2000 frame means the DA cranks aren't out of place.

    Reasons I love it:

    • Nailing the basics, i.e. matching decals/tape/saddle
    • Seatpost really works
    • Cranks are hyper modern but at a glance look like vintage polished alu
    • Gumwalls!

    Things I'd change:

    • Shiny RD to match cranks
    • Flatter top cap (cut the forks?)
    • Slimmer stem (I know the options are few)
  • I like it. But I wonder if it's pushing the boundaries of modern and old, giving middle-aged groupset on middle-aged frame. Still the best-looking cranks Shimano have made for decades.

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Modern groupset on old frame

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