Modern groupset on old frame

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  • What stem is that?

  • Yeah that's lush

  • Makes xmas a little brighter 💫
    How does one call that late 80s raster paint job?

  • Sorry, I can't help you there.
    On the net there is a lot of info about the frame and also a lot of images of the paintjob. But I can't find any design code-name.
    I have a Tommasini brochure here. I think from the 90's and it is not in there. 'Team finish' is the closest what looks like it.

  • Thatnks for looking into it though! I have a few frames on the shortlist for repaint and this raster thing is something I would love to have done.

  • Not sure if it helps - but I believe it is called Retinato

  • Isn’t this @badboybjorn s bike?

  • Thanks alot! First google search seems succesful 🙌

  • Soma HWY1 another 26.0 option

  • Merry Christmas everyone.

    A bit of christmas-y with red merckx and green background, and of course a little silver bling.

  • I see you aren’t trying to bend them but thought I’d bore you a bit - Bending aluminium is fine in specific grades (5083/6063/6082 for plate / tubular materials), however it needs to be the correct temper. The condition ‘T’ is crucial, a T4 will be ok where as a ‘T6’ can be problematic. Also ‘O’ temper is suitable for bending. In short, the bars have already been formed in the factory and likely treated/tempered afterwards so it won’t be a good idea to try it.

    From - a metal bending person :)

  • this is nice. what are the rims? looks like a good modern substitute for shamals etc

  • good modern substitute for shamals

    They look like 30mm Flirt series rather than XR31's. I had modern Shamal's in mind when figuring out my spec with Arkane. In hindsight i should of gone silver hubs and pink/purple graphics

  • 30mm flirts

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  • Not at all boring. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  • Yep thats mine and its idd an extralite stem. Dont know what the paintcode was called as i think i just asked them to paint it like a picture i enclosed with 1 or 2 changes or similar. Couldent find the email conversation, must have gone in the trash by misstake or somtin.

    Havent ridden that in quite a while as its due some maintenance and a few replacement parts. I managed to "ruin" one of the rims as the brake pads on the rear worn out and i dident really notice when i got stuck in the rain.. Beware those yellow mavic pads they wear 10x faster than anything ive had previously.

  • I've got a pair of 30mm flirt rims built onto Bitex hubs (campagnolo freehub). Unused and available for sells, in case anyone is keen.

  • hmm... they look good, I'm broke but potentially interested...

  • Annoyingly this build is dead in the water till I can swallow my pride and buy another crankset/bb combo to fit.

    I forgot about the difference in BB shell width between BSA and ITA, and thus the spindle of my (SRAM GXP) cranks is too short and so the cranks can't be tightened without nipping the bearings.

    Trying to find a GXP crankset compatible with a 70mm shell is infuriating, to the point that I'm starting to question their existence and wonder why SRAM are still making/selling this BB

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Modern groupset on old frame

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