Modern groupset on old frame

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  • Must be nice to have an MGOOF mate to ride with. My riding buddies don't understand anything about it. They just think I'm alternative.

  • I must be lucky I'm in group of five who ride neo retro here's some pictures.

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  • maybe we need a forum MGOOF ride

  • Can do if we are nearby.

  • I'm in London's famous London. Looks like you are somewhere more... exotic?

  • That last picture was a road trip to Champagne in France .we'll in Surrey.

  • Surrey Forum MGOOF ride. That's got to be worth doing one weekend

  • This pleases me. Well done

  • This Colnago Master is my next dream bike...wonderful!

  • Reverse Neo-Retro:

  • I just realised I forgot to share my updated Lee Cooper build (original post).

    Compared to the OG build, I swapped out the (as it turned out) cracked CK headset for a nice black Tange Falcon. I also got an inline post and have been testing that outrageously expensive 3D-printed Specialized.

    I rode the bike for most of the summer and absolutely love it. The fork is more flexible than a flexy thing, but in practice, it's not really an issue.

    You can read my full write up on BikeRadar if you're interested in every wee detail.

  • I might like this more than MGOOF.

  • Nice and nice write up! (Don’t think the red powder coat was original under my shitty black rattle can job!)

  • What is the cut-off for ‘old frame’
    cars are easy to define with vintage, veteran, post vintage and classic. etc.

  • It's subjective, but for me it has to have a 1" threaded fork. So pretty old.

  • for me it has to have a 1" threaded fork. So pretty old.


  • Just got hold of this too keep me busy over the next few days. Not sure if I'll do a full thread or just pop updates in here.

    I've had an itch for a mgoof for a while and passed on a couple of nice frames this year, which I later regretted. With my old road bike suddenly becoming unusable i finally got off the fence as this was the right size, in budget, and has sparkles and fades.

    Plan is to move over everything I can from the old bike, and longer term get some carbon forks and wheels to offset the weight (it's cromor so not the lightest). The Fondriest came as a period correct yet dog's breakfast build so all that stuff is getting sold to fund newer parts I can't transfer.

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  • Like the new frame colour popping. view off the Canyon in mirror love the Capture.

  • Yeah the black rattle job inspired me to do this nice blue tbf!!

  • Thought I post here 1st .my mate is selling his colnago master 56×56 groupset I think chorus with campagnolo carbon wheels I only have the one photo for now

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  • may be interested in the wheels if he splits...

  • Lovely frame. My pal had one a few years ago and when the sun came out the paint looked lush. Was this one up for sale in Swindon? if so shoot me a pm with what you wan't to sell and prices. Might be keen on the suntour bits at least

  • I pass on your interest.

  • Good spot! Yeah that’s the one. Glad to hear that about the paint, I was very pleased that the ebay photos didn't really capture the paint.

    I’ll shoot you a pm - pretty much everything besides the headset and the (past it) bottom bracket is available so I’ll be putting an ad in classifieds for the rest at some point

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Modern groupset on old frame

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