Modern groupset on old frame

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  • Yes, it looks like 130bcd.

  • Indeed! Bcd130

  • 👊🏼 Fist bump for timing

  • Happy with the result, quality components. If it would have been a personal build instead of for a friend I would have slammed the stem and maybe fitted a bit wider bars.

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  • That is one good looking bike!
    The gap in the seatpost (previous picture) matches wonderful well with the gap in your bar tape ;)

  • There is no gap in the bartape, it's double Cinelli colourful camo foam inner + perforated outer stuff, on which the colourful camo foamy stuff sticks out on one side, giving a sneak peek of how ugly it would look when wrapped the other way ;)

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  • Ha ha! Even better.

  • 48/39 looks mad on 130. How's it shift?

  • In B4 the hour...

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  • Have this on a 130bcd outer triple I have on a (fast) tourer. Shifting absolutely fine. Sometimes feels a tiny bit close together (no idea how much gear overlap I have on 12-29) but I like it.

  • Frameset for sale in the classifieds. Great frame for the money, and perfect MOGOF material.

  • Hoods are a bit low i would say, but nice build otherwise !

  • Yes. Thank you. I have started a trend. ^^

  • From not knowing if that's gonna even work, to already after 2000km and still going, my first ever bike build without any experience (thanks to youtube videos and forums), 1987 Peugeot PHE 20.

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  • Well done, nice colour choices

  • IMO, a dual pivot on the rear is overkill, so unless you're gonna chuck a Campy group on with the single pivot rear, a nice touch for a MGOF bike would be to leave the old rear brake on, if it's any good.

  • Not a 40th, but a bit cheaper never the less. Sold, now in built for a new owner who wanted a full bike.­89/#comment16217983

  • Hi all,
    I've been nosing around on this site for quite some time and basking in the glory of some of the builds. A MGOF bike is a perfect blend of old and new in my opinion, so I've embarked on building one myself.
    I look forward to popping it on here to endure the crit ;)
    Love the posts, comments and general chat.

  • Thanks, I'm thinking of painting the seatpost to black to match the stem and whole bike also. Originally the crankset was chrome/white, but I needed to change it because of the front derailleur problems.

  • Always loved the colour way on these. I just had a Max frame resprayed in a similar way.

  • I've been looking for an old steel frame on my local second hand site for quite some time now. I'm a small guy and I need a ±50 cm frame.
    They are pretty rare, I haven't come across many.
    Today, someone posted a Concorde in frame size 51 (which would be ok I think). I'm interested, but the guy us asking 90 euros... Is that too much? Frame comes with fork, stem, handlebars and steerer (which is stuck)

  • Here is a picture. To restate my exact question: is 90 euros too much or is it worth 90?

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  • The advert (or the one I saw at least) just says "faire offre", did you offer 90€, or is the seller asking for 90€ ?

    The chrome on the forks looks a bit pitted, but the frame looks really nice.
    IMO 90€ is a bit of a bargain, and you could probably re-sell the extras (Hatta Swan headset, Shimano 600/tri-colour brake levers and FD, 105 dt shifters?) for a decent percentage of that price anyway.

  • Yes it's worth 90 euros, you've probably missed it at that price.

    Here's a page from a catalog with it in.­ploads/2020/06/Columbus-catalogus-1993.j­pg

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Modern groupset on old frame

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