Modern groupset on old frame

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  • Moving on with my project, appreciate opinions on best way to integrate modern stem to 1" headset through adapter. I have seen including spacers as in picture but not best looking solution. Is there any other way? Thanks

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  • Why not a steerer extender in combination with a threadless headset (and a less bulky stem)?

  • It would help to get the headset, spacers and stem in the same color. It also looks better to get a less chuncky stem.

  • What would the difference be (sorry, first project) re the headset? I installed a steerer extender and used one of possible stems but not definitive. Will need to see final position once assembled. It is the space between headset and stem (around extender) that I want to cover best way possible.

  • I agree with @kjlem & @WimVDD - similar colours & less chunky stem is the way.

    Edit: also slamming if your back can cope helps.

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  • There's also this: which replaces the top threaded race and locknut with a clever combined quill/steerer extension. I have one I haven't got round to using yet.

  • Yep. The kalloy ones from eBay are fairy slim and match up quite well.

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  • I used one of these on a former bike.

  • Thin gauge needs quill. #Changemymind

  • could you not use one of these with a 1" to 1 1/8" convertor?­-stack-threadless-stem-31-8-rise

    Much cleaner look. Also available in black or other people make similar I think? Assuming you can find one in the country the right length at the moment that is...

  • Those are great, running them on two bikes at the moment. Does require you to cut the threaded part off of your fork steerer (strongly recommended).

  • After building this it looked like the 1st pic. Then I took the ahead steering combo off and switched back to the old skool Cinelli bar & stem

    (forum compressed image looks somewhat blurry the original is here)

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  • They are easy to cut to length.
    Black or silver doesn’t matter since they are hidden under your stem and spacers.

  • Seems I will end up looking for a silver stem....;) Seen Deda has something I could use, also Zipp. Need to get the bike fully built and get the right length. Will post update once done (sometime next week)

  • Innicycle adapter +1

  • This is a great idea but it still costs more than the bikes that I want to use it on. I hope someone will make a cheap version anytime soon.

  • Threadless fork + shim is the neatest solution

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  • Well yeah, obvs, but most of the time you're talking paint too, once you've found a suitable fork... Must be close to ten years ago now, I paid AU$400 for a used Easton Aero in 1".

    Still, that's less hassle than replacing a threaded steerer, I guess

  • You can buy a Columbus Minimal fork in 1" for £200 new. Still a pretty penny and still would need painting, but it's not too ridiculous.

  • I've bought this 1inch Alpina for around 120 and the paint only cost me like 20 so I guess it is not that bad.

  • Looked at those, but I had a hard time ordering one so bit the bullet on the flashy Easton number which was a tad lighter still

  • Getting there. Enjoying the build process. Let’s see if next week….

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Modern groupset on old frame

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